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Formerly the Abwehran Credit, the Stahlmunde is an empire-wide, quantum-cryptocurrency used for interstellar trade/consumption.

History of Abwehran Currency

The Abwehran Credit was the currency that took over for the currency of the old regime in AF 20, nearly five years after the formation of the Abwehran Star Empire. During this time, the Abwehran Credit was backed by Abwehr's stockpile of Plutonium which, after the fall of the Verdienstorden, was in a stable, but rare supply due to the fact that it is usually synthesized rather than naturally occurring. This was just a temporary measure in order to keep the economy stable during a transitional period of time.

In AF 89, the Abwehran Credit became a hybrid system of currency backed by the more naturally occurring Platinum and fiat. Again, this style of currency system was used in a more transitional method, which led to the full development of a fiat currency system by AF 120. Standard cryptocurrencies were developed in AF 230, but were mostly used by a few groups. As quantum computing started to become more prevalent in AF 236, quantum encryption algorithms were designed to create a more secure quantum-cryptocurrency.

Intrigued by the system, the Ministry of Treasury created its own quantum-cryptocurrency to test in AF 238. Building upon the system and adding emergency / safety protocols to it, the Abwehran Credit became a quantum-cryptocurrency in AF 240, just as the Pirate War began. At this point, the currency was strictly a digital currency with the use of magnetic strip cards as the primary method of consumer usage.

In AF 250, an alternate method of use was devised. Using the standard mobile communication devices, or Mobcoms, of the time, the magnetic strip card was replaced with device readers. However, issues with stolen “Mobcoms” started to become prevalent after a few years of the system's use. This led to the return of card use, though the magnetic strip was replaced with a SMART Card, in AF 255.

In the year AF 261, with First Contact several years behind them, the Ministry of Treasury started not only a new currency system, but also a new method of its usage. In this system, the Ministry of Treasury would have two types of currency: a single empire-wide quantum-cryptocurrency and a planetary fiat currency. In this system, the empire-wide currency, or Stahlmunde, would be the major currency for trade and travel. Each member world of the Abwehran Star Empire would have its own planetary currency based upon the local economic environment.

Both currencies would be digital in nature, but the SMART Cards would be phased out. Instead, a system of small carbon-fiber discs about one centimeter in diameter would contain a solid-state storage unit would “download” the appropriate value from a consumers “Mobcom” wallet. This Chit would be used in place of SMART Card, coin, or “paper” note and would be provided by Federal and Local Banks for free in boxes of 50. Each Chit would be given to a cashier or service representative and placed into a specialized reader, which would “upload” the value into the stores electronic ledgers. Empty Chits would then be sent back to the banks to be electronically “scrubbed” and refurbished before being repackaged and sent out again.

How the Value of the Stahlmunde is Determined

Like all currencies, the value of the Stahlmunde is determined by the amount of currency in distribution at any given time. However, unlike fiat money, the amount of currency in distribution is based upon a quantum algorithm that simulates scarcity based upon the Empire's current economic climate. This algorithm is maintained by the Empire's Ministry of Treasury with oversight provided by the Imperial High Court, the currency_oversight_committee, and the public_trust_institution_of_abwehr.

The three oversight organizations work together in order to form a system of checks and balances against the Ministry of Treasury. The Imperial High Court provides a constitutional basis and a firm legal hand upon the Treasury. The Currency Oversight Committee allows the involvement of Parliament to counter the Judicial System's influence. The Volktreuhand Institution von Abwehr is a non-profit organization dedicated towards the programs transparency, which allows the public a view on the proceedings1).

Planetary Currencies

The following are fiat currencies used by Planetary Governments for local trade and consumption:

Currency Location Imperial Exchange Rate
schilden Abwehr 1 Stahlmunde : 1 Schilden

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