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Iromakuanhe Currency

The primary currency of the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth is the digital Kuon Dalri, or KD, for short. Like most more or less advanced societies, the Iromakuanhe employ a digital currency, which is significantly easier to manage and circulate than those of a paper variety, at the cost of being easier to counterfeit. Usually, Iromakuanhe people carry thin rectangular digital transaction tags that are roughly the third of the size of a card, which can be worn around the neck on chains, or carried in the pockets. They typically use genetic and brainwave-based anti-theft countermeasures, usually enough to prevent amateur and mid-level monetary fraud.

Tag appearance is reliant on the user's preference, but are by default a shade of lustrous orange-gold.

Exchange Rates

Values are OCC only, as these nation have no formal contracts.

Currency Exchange Rates
Currency Nation Rate
KS Yamatai Star Empire 1 KS → 4 KD
HS United Outer Colonies 1 HS → 4 KD
DA Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia 1 DA → 2 KD
AR Elysian Celestial Empire 5 AR → 4 KD
C Abwehran Star Empire 3 C → 4 KD

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