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FourSight Helm

The FourSight Helm is a space worthy protective helmet designed and developed by Galactic Horizon in YE 40, in addition to a piece of protective gear it also doubles as a communications device and an advanced optical scanner.


The FourSight Helm is an emp-hardened, protective helmet that uses four MOASS sensors in place of a visor, these optical sensors are connected to a display situated in front of the wearer’s eyes.

The helmet’s outermost shell is made up of a structured polymer composite consisting of alternating glassy and rubbery layers. When the composite is hit, it quickly melts into a liquid before instantaneously hardening to close up the resulting damage – meaning there’s no structural deformities to deal with. Underneath that is a thin layer of Durandium Alloy that acts as the main body and is lined with a padded ASCI.

The helmet has hook-ups for oxygen, data and water while a modified HeCC is integrated into the base of the helmet to act as a space-worthy neck-seal. The Foursight Helm can filter external atmosphere to make it breathable (indefinitely) or simply recycle the wearer's breath for up to 48 hours.

The faceplate area of the helmet can open up, splitting horizontally through the middle , with the top half sliding up and the bottom half sliding down to reveal the wearer’s face.

About the Foursight Helm
Groups Using This Product: Open Market
Type: Personal Gear
Nomenclature: gh-g9-4g
Designer: Galactic Horizon
Manufacturer: Galactic Horizon
Entered Production: YE 40
Price: 500ks
Weight: 1.5kg
Life Expectancy: 25 years
Defensive Capabilities:
Helmet: DRv3 Tier 3, Heavy Personnel


The FourSight Helm is a rather featureless, generic full-head helmet shape besides the two black lenses that are on each side of the wearer’s face – it is available in a wide variety of colours and camouflage patterns.

Stock standard the helmet is matte grey in colour with the neck-seal being a black material.


The helmet is worn just like any other, pulled down over the head. After the helmet is secured, the faceplate closes1) and the neck seal tightens – not enough to constrict the wearer’s throat in any way but tight enough for the built in HeCC to be usable and to create a space-worthy suit seal if the need arises.

The inside of the FourSight Helm is lined with a ASCI and a bioelectric generator that passively turns the user’s escaping body heat into enough power to keep the helmet running. This allows the wearer to use the helmet’s various functions and system through hands-free means.


The Communications capabilities include satellite (if available), peer to peer relay and standard radio(1LY range) while vision modes include low light vision, IR, thermal and x100 zoom standard optical - all with a laser range finder.

Replacement Parts

Below is a list of purchasable replacement parts for the FourSight Helm:

Replacement Power Supply Unit: 40ks

Replacement Respiration System: 20ks

Replacement MOASS sensor: 50ks

Replacement ASCI: 50KS

Replacement HeCC Neck Seal: 150KS

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