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Star Army Recruiter

Recruiter is a Star Army occupation centered around identifying, screening, and interviewing candidates for the Star Army of Yamatai.

The MOS code for this occupation is 02R and the panel color is mint.


The Star Army of Yamatai has had recruiters since its founding in YE 21.

During conflicts, like the recent Kuvexian War from YE 38 to YE 43, recruiters played a key role in boosting and replacing personnel for the Star Army of Yamatai.

In 4月 YE 43, the MOS code was changed from 02C to 02R.


The Star Army is seeking individuals who are organized, out-going, and possess good communications and social skills to fill the role of Star Army Recruiter. Candidates must be comfortable with this important public-facing role.


Star Army recruiters are ranked from Nitô Heisho to Jôtô Heisho.


Recruiters help citizens of the Yamatai Star Empire become soldiers. They ensure that the Star Army gets personnel who meet the eligibility requirements set by Star Army Recruiting before sending enlistees to the Star Army Training Administration. They work directly with Star Army Personnel Command and are part of the Star Army Recruiting & Personnel RP.


Recruiters have all the Star Army Common Skills.

Characters that are Recruiters should be:

Player Expectations

Playing a Star Army Recruiter can be good for those players looking for a non-combat facing position within the Star Army. The player should enjoy social types of roleplay and be interested in introductions to all types of characters and situations.

A great example of a Star Army Roleplay that involves recruiting is the Star Army Recruiting Center, YE 43.

List of Characters

OOC Notes

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