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Kiwad Ring

Kiwad is a rather strange name for a weapon, it’s something you would think is some kind of fruit or maybe a vitamin supplement until you read in the manual that comes with it that Kiwad stands for “Karen I want a divorce”, something Donvan Black swears is just a joke and that Galactic Horizon does not endorse nor encourage matricide, it was released in mid-late YE 41.

About the Kiwad Ring

The Kiwad ring is a concealed escape and self defence tool designed and manufactured by Galactic Horizon in YE 41 that makes use of the immense tensile strength their exclusive material Skusten offered - it is based off the simple age old design of a garotte, a thin yet strong wire with two handles that is usually employed for wrapping around an opponents neck to cut off their oxygen supply, though it can also be used during hand to hand combat to wrap around limbs and take partial control of the situation, the Kiwad was designed to do this as well as being able to saw through restraints and electrocute whomever you manage to ensnare with the Skusten wire.

Nomenclature Information

Miscellaneous information about this weapon.


When “holstered” the Kiwad has the appearance of an average, albeit slightly bulkier than usual, Durandium Alloy ring – standard it comes plain though owners may engrave designs on the outside of if they so desire.

When deployed it separates into two halves connected by a spool of golden Skusten wire, the half that stays with the finger and starts off with the wire wrapped around, and the unscrewed half that is intended to be used as a handle for the wielder to loop the off-hand’s pointer finger into – when the ring opens it reveals a small spring-loaded trigger that, when depressed, pushes electricity through the garrotte’s wire.

Discharge Information

What happens when you use the weapon.

  • Muzzle Flash: Possible arcing of electricity from the wire, slight red glow depending on how much electricity is forced through it.
  • Retort: Humming and crackling sounds.
  • Effective Range: The wielder’s arms.
  • Rate of Fire: N/A
  • Recoil: None

Energy Source

Information about how the weapon stores and uses energy.

  • Ammunition: Internal battery
  • Purpose: Tier 01)
  • Round Capacity: 1 charge

Weapon Mechanisms

Information about how the weapon functions.

  • Firing Mechanism: The wielder must first un-thread the outer layer of the ring, exposing the spool of Skusten wire that is deployed as the user hooks their off-hand pointer finger through the freed half of the ring and pulls tight to create tension – once the wire is fully unspooled it reveals a small spring-loaded trigger that is intended to be pulled back by the wearer’s thumb, when it is left alone the device’s battery remains charged though when depressed it released increments of electricity into the garrotte wire, up to 5 seconds of 50,000 volts when the trigger is firmly held down.
  • Loading: It takes roughly five minutes for the ring to passively convert body heat and electrical signals in the body to power that can charge up the Kiwad’s batteries.
  • Mode Selector: N/A
  • Firing Modes: N/A
  • Safety Mechanism: Common sense, though nothing mechanical.
  • Weapon Sight: N/A
  • Attachment Hard Points: N/A


How much the weapon costs.

  • Kiwad Ring: 300KS/600RN

Replaceable Parts and Components

Prices for officially endorsed replacement parts.

  • Replacement monofilament Wire2): 75KS/150RN
  • Replacement Charging Circuit: 30KS/60RN
  • Replacement Battery: 100KS/200RN

OOC Notes

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nonlethal, can be lethal if enough voltage is applied or if the wire is pulled hard enough
repairers or people selling this to you will often ask what the hell you did to break the wire in the first place, due to its great tensile strength

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