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The Jui'varen System is one of many systems that the Kingdom of Neshaten have been exploring extensively, it has two habitable planets and four ice planets. The system is fairly close to the Neshaten's home system and been colonized with the goals of agriculture and medical development.

The Flag

The Flag of the Jui'varen System is below.

Food and Relief

The system contains two habitable planets that have worthy soil that can provide the Kingdom of Neshaten food for a long period of time. The Divisions of Environmental Management and Health Management have invested in this system for the rich soil and medical attributes that can be produced here.


More facts about the Jui'varen System are listed below.

  • The system was first discovered, mapped, and colonized by the Kingdom of Neshaten in ER 000.
  • New Jui'varen was colonized in ER 000 and marked by the kingdom as the capital world of the system. The planet began the development of agriculture almost immediately due to the findings of the rich soil that could benefit food production severely.
  • Jui'varen II was colonized in ER 002-V, the delay had to do with governmental plans of other systems being colonized. But Jui'varen II gained the focus on agriculture and medical plant production.
  • ER 550 the designated ice planets Jui'varen V & Jui'varen VI gained attention from mining corporations that wanted to get more minerals and ice from these locations.
  • The mining operations expanded again in ER 741 to a large asteroid belt rich in minerals, Jui'varen VII and Jui'varen VIII.

The Heart of a Jui'varen

About the Jui'varen System Stars, Planets, and other features.

The Jui'varen Stars

The heart of the Jui'varen System:

The Jui'varen Stars
System Registry Jui'varen-M-1 Jui'varen-M-2
Star Names Jui'varen-1 Jui'varen-2
Type K1 V Orange Dwarf K1 V Blue Dwarf
Distance Central Star 2.27 x 10 km
Radius 6.11 x 10 km 2.54 x 10 km
Surface Temperature 4700 K 2900 K
Average Mass 1.47 x 10 kg 4.54 x 10 kg
Luminosity 1.24 x 10 W 1.74 x 10 W
Number of Planets 8

A companion star to the main star, both orbit one another. Unlike the first one which is orange, this star is actually blue, giving off a rather unique glow to the system and the planets that orbit them.

New Jui'varen

The first planet of the star system and one that resides within the system's habitable zone. The planet has been colonized and is producing agriculture farming, cattle, and bioindustry for the Kingdom of Neshaten. The planet is a popular location for young families of Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species) to settle on.

Jui'varen II

The second planet of the star system, but one that is also located in another habitable zone. The planet was colonized a few years later, but shown quite promising development when it comes to agriculture and medical products. The planet became later one of the primary suppliers of food and medical supplies for the Kingdom of Neshaten. This planet also became popular for young families to settle onto.

Jui'varen III

J-3 is a rocky planet that has a toxic atmosphere and is heavily radiated.

Jui'varen IV

J-3 is a rocky planet that has a toxic atmosphere and is heavily radiated.

Jui'varen V

J-5 is an ice planet, one of the few surveyed when the Neshaten entered the system. It was one of the first planets to be mined in this system by the Kingdom of Neshaten.

Jui'varen VI

J-6 is another ice planet, it is unique for having several moons. This planet came along with the first wave of mining operations in this system by the Kingdom of Neshaten.

Asteroid Belt

A dense asteroid belt is currently being explored for rich minerals. The asteroid belt got into the second phase of mining operations by the Kingdom of Neshaten.

Jui'varen VII

J-8 is the third ice planet of the star system, it is noticeably bigger than the others. It received mining operations in the second phase from the Kingdom of Neshaten.

Jui'varen VIII

J-9 is the last planet of the system, unique in that it has a complex ring of ice asteroids. This planet is rich in minerals and got carried into the second phase of mining operations by the Kingdom of Neshaten.

Export and Trades

The Jui'varen System exports and trades the following goods.

Primary Industries
farming, cattle, bioindustry and medical


The population of the Jui'varen System is consisted mostly of Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species) and My'leke (Species), Shukaren Laibe (Sub-Species) are in smaller numbers present in this system. Other species of other factions are not allowed to settle down on the colony.


The Characters that are located here:1)

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RP Opportunities

Great roleplay opportunities.

  • Be involved in some business with medical corporations.
  • Visit the beautiful farms.
  • Explore the crashed starship at Jui'varen VI

Local Rumors

Maybe True, Maybe not.

  • Some of the moons in the Jui'varen VI hold some ancient secrets.

OOC Notes

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