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Shukaren Laibe (Sub-Species)

A sub-species of the Shukaren, they consider themselves superior and better than their Shukaren-Daur counterparts. They are part of the Kingdom of Neshaten.

Shukaren Laibe Female


The Laibe are one of two sub-species of the Shukaren, they have co-existed beside the Daur for as long as they can remember, though there have been feuds between the two species before, including the Great War that was started by the Laibe, they've always been able to patch up their differences due to some Laibe who don't consider themselves superior.


Laibe Shukaren appear with the full Foite features, including the head, tail, ears, paws and even the body. They are two feet taller than the Duar (except when as kits), they have thicker coats, and actually have no need for clothing, though most wear some anyway. Most Liabe have red fur, a common trait that separates them from the Daur, who commonly have orange fur. Laibe rarely have humanoid-style hair on their heads due to how it is shaped. If they do, it's very sharp and only a small patch exists, usually the same color as their fur, but not always. Laibe can potentially be rather chesty, due to their heights, but it generally depends on the person and how they developed. Some might be well developed, others not so much.

Appearance Chart:

Color Eyes Fur/Hair Tail Tail Tip
White Rare Rare Rare Rare
Red Common Very Common Common Rare
Black Uncommon Uncommon Very Rare Very Common
Green Uncommon Uncommon Common Very Common
Blue Common Uncommon Common Very Common
Orange Uncommon Uncommon Very Common Very Common
Gold Rare Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare
Purple Rare Very Rare Not-Naturally Rare
Yellow Common Very Common Common Common

The color of their fur coat, their tail, and the tip of their tail all blend together. Although lighter versions of all colors exist, they are considered very rare.

Physical and Mental

Shukaren-Laibe think of themselves are superior and thus present a superior attitude toward others. They aren't as craving of knowledge as their counterparts.

However, despite being evolved from Foite, they've lost a lot of the capabilities of a Foite. They possess keen eyes, but lack the hearing of their Daur counterparts. Their lifespan is also nearly a hundred and ten years.


Most Laibe grow to be around five foot nine to six foot seven inches tall.


Laibe Shukaren have big paws that have four claws on them that are used either for grabbing or for attacking.


Laibe tails are slightly longer than those of the Daur, at nearly two feet long.


They have a very thick coat of fur that covers their entire body and grows to nearly three to four inches


Their ears are very long and swept backwards, with some fuzz on the inside that is a color different from their fur-coat. The ears are pointed slightly upward.


Laibe eyes are set away from the nose, they are slitted which gives them the ability to see well at night. During the day, they must wear protective goggles in order to shield their eyes from bright lights or the sun.


The Shukaren have the ability to lift up to one hundred and twenty three pounds, this can be increased naturally with strength training.


They live to nearly a hundred and ten, but beyond the age of eighty they start to loss their reflexes and sight, most Laibe really only live to ninety five due to committing ritual suicide. They age once every two years, same as their counterparts. They begin to mature at the age of fourteen, earlier than that of the Daur, partly due to their culture.


Although Laibe will eat vegetables and fruit, they are more akin to being carnivores due to their love of meat. Most prefer meat that is spiced with particular herbs found on their world.

Sleeping Habits

Laibe are somewhat similar in their sleeping habits to the Daur, except that most sleep with one eye open. They are never 'truly' asleep, yet they are.


The Laibe may possess the same kind of senses as their Foite counterparts, but their sense of sight is the only thing that has survived over the many decades. All other senses are normal.


Laibe can see fluently up to a full mile away, making out details sharply.

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Shukaren Laibe Female

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