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Neshaten Time Line

The following is a time-line for the Kingdom of Neshaten, listing all of the major events that have occurred in Neshaten History from the beginning of their earliest historical records up to the present date.

Before Era of Restart

These are the events that happened before the Exodus.

Year Event
??? Laibe Evolve from their Fiote cousins
??? The Daur are born
??? My'leke Meet the Shukaren
Era of Innovation
000 Era of Innovations begins, relates to when technology began to move beyond the mundane and into the advanced
201 1st Plague of Si'to'ee occurs
209 The plague ends, millions dead
268 End of Era
Era of Collapse - relates to the 2nd Plague of Si'to'ee, and how the Neshaten nearly came to become extinct
000 The Era of Collapse begins when a planetwide economic meltdown occured, causing millions of people to lose billions of credits in a matter of hours - turning rich into poor
000 Regional stockmarkets crash when a mysterious computer virus infects a number of systems
002 Hundreds of rich indivisuals soon find themselves no longer rich, but instead poor when their bank accounts are suddenly drained
005 World War 3 Begins when countries, desperate to help their people, attempt to take resources from other countries - sparking one of the largest wars on the planet
102 World War 3 ends, the number of people killed is never determined
109 The country of Yu'tee'ase suddenly ceases all communications with its nighbors
116 Several countries send teams into the country of Yu'tee'ase, to investigate why the country has been silent.
120 The 2nd Plague of Si'to'ee begins when investigation teams return from Yu'tee'ase and bring something back with them
Rebuilding Era (AKA: Era of Rebuilding) - After the 2nd Plague of Si'to'ee is presumably destroyed, the Neshaten people can get back to rebuilding much of what was lost.
000 Rebuilding Era begins
580 Space Race Begins
607 World War 4 Begins
612 World War 4 Ends, 1.5 Billion people are killed
Era of Beginning - Spanning for nearly two thousand years, the Era of Beginnings Historical Records only account for eight hundred years
000 Era of Beginning Starts
184 The Neshaten Nation was created
231 K'sten Orbital Station is destroyed in a terrorist attack
231 K'sten Civil War Begins
335 Lasce Faction, known for being predominately Daur, are the first to be wiped out in the war
337 Civaze Faction fell, after their asteroid bases were bombed by the Nicase Faction
341 Nicase Faction, the last of the two remaining, fell when the Neshaten assaulted their Home World and wiped them out, this became a center of controversy
342 Reconstruction begins, the Neshaten, being the only faction left, unites much smaller factions under their banner to form the Neshaten Federation.
713 Four hundred years after the Civil War, the Neshaten have been able to recover much of what was destroyed. Technological progress is in a boom.
784 Tensions begin to rise between the Laibe, Daur, and My'leke, despite the Neshaten's best efforts to prevent racial problems..
Era of Tension
020 A terrorist attack in the Neshaten capital results in four hundred dead, is blamed on My'leke insurgents
033 The Mura, a long range science vessel, is dispatched into deep space for exploration
065 A second terrorist attack, again blamed on the My'leke, destroys an orbital mining ring which falls into the atmosphere of a predominately Laibe inhabited world. Ecological destruction results in the deaths of millions.
Era of War
000 Era of War Begins
005 Small scale skirmishes erupt in several outer rim worlds, skirmishes seem restricted to local trade routes and patrol zones
008 The Pacifist Faction declares War on the Neshaten, declaring that they are the 'one' and 'only' pure Shukaren. Caught off guard, the Pacifists deployed a new style weapon that they showed in force on several heavily populated worlds, resulting in complete destruction
008+4 A Pacifist Fleet comprised of nearly forty eight vessels lays siege to a Neshaten Military Fortress. The station is destroyed after eight hours of constant fighting, but not before taking half of the enemy fleet with it when the stations commander overloaded the reactor.
012 A civilian transport belonging to the Neshaten, carrying over three hundred people, is destroyed.
042 Several outer Rim worlds fall to the Pacifists, but the advance is slow due to sabotage within the Pacifist Fleets.
056 A Lull in the war allows the Neshaten to quickly rebuild their forces, bolstered by powerful corporations, it would take them nearly ten years to recover that which they have lost. In the same year, the Pacifists are dealing with their own problems, with insurgency activity behind their borders.
063 The war continues, the Neshaten strike back at the Pacifists, destroying several key supply outposts and forcing Pacifist Fleets back behind their borders temporarily
065 A new surge occurs when the Pacifists force their way back over their borders, thrusting deeper into Neshaten territory, taking out key star bases and planets and enslaving Shukaren-Daur and My'leke that they capture.
102 Nearly forty years after the Pacifist Surge, the Neshaten have once again found themselves low on ships and resources, but the Pacifists have spread themselves and their supply-lines thin, allowing resistance and militia groups to strike at these weaknesses
105 The Shukara, a Neshaten Class Dreadnought, is constructed. It was originally slated to be one of a kind, but four others were scheduled to be built. The Shukara distinguishes itself during a combat trial when a Pacifist assault fleet attempts to take it out, only for them to be taken out instead.
120 The Neshaten deploy quantum weapons in an effort to stave off the Pacifists, this results in the Pacifists deploying their own quantum weapons. This results in high casualties in all worlds were battles take place, and many of the Core Worlds of both factions are laid waste.
400 With the war taking a heavy toll on the Neshaten, its decided that the only way to survive is to somehow flee their area of the galaxy. A location for this construction was set in a secret star system that the Pacifists hadn't found, thanks to sophisticated jamming equipment. It would take twenty five year before the system would be ready to build any kind of ships, due to the slow nature that the Neshaten had to work with in to keep the system secure, but to still transport materials to it. Several corporations volunteered their services and manpower, along with ships.
425 Evacuation Transports construction begins, estimated to take sixty years in order to stay secret
461 V'kastes Legion is formed, V'kaste dies in battle six months later
485 Evacuation Transports construction completed
486 Evacuation Transports are launched, only three survive the lift off, rest are destroyed by Pacifist Forces
500 Neshaten and Pacifist forces clash one final time, with both sides eradicating the other, the war ends

Era of Restart

Year Event
000 Three lone evacuation transports arrive in the Nesha system, but only two actually survive. The Neshaten re-establish their civilization, but with their technology set back by nearly a thousand years, they've been forced back to using tools from an older era, and will need to wait until they can re-establish their research bases before being able to try and rediscover the old ways
623 FTL is rediscovered
629 First FTL Jump initiated, failure occurs when the ship can't establish a fold tunnel. Later that same year, it is theorized that they might be residing in an area of space where FTL is impossible, theory is attacked by several prominent scientists, but one FTL test pilot decides to test that theory and sets his ship to the star systems edge
633 Pilot arrives and initiates an FTL jump, FTL jump succeeds and proves theory that the Nesha System is a dead FTL zone that the Neshaten don't presently have the technology to combat
747 New Grandparents Day Massacre, occuring during the New Harvest. The Grandparents Day Massacre, sometimes also referred to as the New Harvest Massacre of 747, was a terrorist attack by the Netrunu'marol on the city of Forben that lead to the deaths of many adults and children.
774 First Neshaten combat ship built
775-v1) (YE 33)

Era of Exploration

These are the events of the Era of Exploration, this is also when official roleplaying with the faction began.

Year Event
001(YE 34) Neshaten set out to explore the great unknown…
001-v(YE 35) Blank
002 (YE36 Ike'shi'heyeane Research Station attacked, Gam'trosha discovers planet with potential hostile life on it.
002-v (YE 37) First contact made with the HSC and Yamatai, their talks with the HSC, the Neshaten also learned of the Mishhuvurthyar and although they don't know much about them; what they have been told has them not wanting to actually meet this nation as an enemy. The Kingdom discovered the Poku Saeruo Degonjo after a series of mysterious transmissions had been sent to their a colony of theirs in the Bai'yusaenahe'mah, this lead to the discovery and later treaty signing with what is known as the Hidden Sun Clan. After the treaty signing, the Neshaten realized that the HSC wasn't the only nation that existed in the universe, but that there were several others - this included the Yamatai Star Empire and the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia amongst others; the Neshaten have since only met the Yamataians and have yet to establish actual contact with any other nations although this is subject to change.
003 (YE 38)
003-v (YE 39)
004 (YE 40)
004-v (YE 41) In EE 004-v The underground terrorist organization known as Kingdom Fall surfaced in response to the assembling of the counter-terror group Neshaten Division 5. With the emergence of this anti-establishment group the kingdom acquired another enemy, due to the diligent efforts of the Division 5 members information was eventually brought to the light of various other species cooperating with Kingdom Fall. This lead to a full territorial lockdown in order to identify whether foreign nations were helping the terrorists.
005 (YE 42)
005-v (YE 43)

Year Break Down

The following lists the conversation between Neshaten Years, and Yamatai Years (see: Yamataian Calendar).

Neshaten Year YE Year Real Life Year
EE 001 YE 34 2012
EE 001-v YE 35 2013
EE 002 YE 36 2014
EE 002-v YE 37 2015
EE 003 YE 38 2016
EE 003-v YE 39 2017
EE 004 YE 40 2018
EE 004-v YE 41 2019
EE 005 YE 42 2020
EE 005-v YE 43 2021
EE 006 YE 44 2022
EE 006-v YE 45 2023

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