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Kingdom of Neshaten Vehicles

Military Vehicles

This section relates to all manners of military centric vehicles, including wheeled, anti-grav, tracked, or even walkers.

Link Brief summary
Neshaten Military Tanks An article that lists all tanks used by the Navy
Military Infantry Fighting and Recon Vehicles Area that lists all infantry fighting and recon vehicles
Neshaten Military Air Space Craft Lists all space and air based vehicles, including shuttles and dropships. Because the Urename can serve as a military vehicle, it is also listed in this category

General Purpose Vehicles (Civilian)

This section refers to vehicles used by both the military and civilians.

Link Brief summary
Neshaten General-Purpose Probes and Satellites lists all probes and satallites used by the faction
Neshaten General-Purpose Vehicles lists all cars, bikes, buses, trucks and other civilian vehicles used in the faction, also lists the Urename Skiff
Neshaten Drones this relates to the different kinds of drones found used within the Kingdom, including military and civilian.

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