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Neshaten Guide for Creating Characters

This guide will help new and old players in creating a Neshaten character, whether it's a Shukaren or a My'leke.

๐Ÿ›‘ Fair Warning: Creating a Neshaten character outside of the faction means that the character will be unable to access Neshaten technology. Anthros made to be foxes, but are not of the Laibe or Daur variety, are not considered Neshaten and thus are forbidden from using any of the faction's technology, history, lore, etc unless explicit permission it given by the faction FM ๐Ÿ›‘

Please use the Character Template when creating a character.

Differences between the two main species

Players should be aware that there are differences between the Shukaren and My'leke, one being that the Shukaren are a bipedal race while the My'leke was a quadrupedal race. This means the roleplaying style between the two will differ as there are things that the My'leke may have problems doing. So choosing which race you want to play depends purely on what kind of a challenge you want.

Basic details

All Neshaten speak Tinacen, at current they don't know any other language but that.

Players can create either an adult or child character, please read below what the differences are between the two.

โš ๏ธ Child characters require FM guidance and approval beforehand!

Naming Convention

The Neshaten have several names they go by, other than a first and last name. The following is the naming setup:

Title - Assigned Name - Honour Name - Last Name - Middle Name - First Name

Title: Title is the characters rank in the military or business Assigned Name: Assigned Name is the name of the characters duty station (Ship, station, base) Honour Name: An honour name is a rare, special name given to a character Last Name: A characters last name Middle Name: If a character has one, their middle name First Name: A character first name.


Q'Abrenal - Sai'hyuma - Trey'nan'ie - Vio'leca - Hui'ye - Cre'baya

This in this example, the naming scheme is a fleet admiral who is in charge of a starship called the Sai'hyuma. She is considered Trey'na'ie, which means 'The Courageous One', her last name is Vio'leca with her middle name being Hui'ya. First name is Cre'baya.

All new characters start out with the last, middle (if they want one), and first name. They do not have a title, assigned, or honour name. Honour names are earned through roleplaying. Title is the characters rank in the military, while the assigned name is given upon assignment to a duty-station.

Neshaten names can be a combination of Russian, Japanese, and Italian or one of the three. A lot of names have an apostrophe located somewhere in the name itself to seperate the two halves of a word, an example is Vio'leca.

Birth Year

New players need to keep in mind that the Neshaten Faction uses a different calendar than the other factions. They use an 'Era' calendar, not the YE calendar. But also need to bear in mind that a Neshaten ages once every two (Both IC and OOC) years due to their slow aging process (IE: They age slower than humans do).

A Neshaten character who is the same age as a human character would actually be twice as old due to the slower aging process, for a comprehensive guide on finding the correct birth year for your character see the Year Guide

For more information: Neshaten FAQ. For easier understanding, use the Age Guide.


The Neshaten have two species, but one species, the Shukaren, has two sub-species within while the My'leke are their own.

โš ๏ธ Important: Make SURE to read the species page!


Tos'cana Ye'gor

The Shukaren make up the bulk of the Kingdom, they are the most common and also the easiest of the two to play. The Shukaren are split between the Laibe and Daur, the Laibe resemble full furred Foxes while the Duar are a hybrid of a human and a fox.


Shukaren-Laibe are the full fox species that exists within the Shukaren race. They view themselves as superior, they are known for thinking of themselves as better than their altered counterparts, the Shukaren-Duar.

The Liabe are a sub-species of the Shukaren and have the lowest numbers of the race.

Laibes (Species)


A sub-species of the Shukaren, the Daur are a hybrid between a human and fox. They are known for being curious and always hunting for knowledge, they don't care too much for the tensions or the superiority complex of the Laibe and tend to ignore it for the most part. The Daur actually make up the majority population within the Shukaren race.

Daur (Species)


The My'leke are a four legged sentient species that possess a Prehensile Tail. My'leke are brave and will never leave the side of a Shukaren, they are honour bound due to past events.

Technology does allow the My'leke to do a lot of the same things a bipedal person can, so they are not entirely a restrictive race.

My'leke (Species)

Physical Details

The following is a list of physical details that should be looked at, in order to figure out what a character should have.



Laibe typically stand between 5'9โ€œ and 6'7โ€


Male Laibe weight is between one hundred and fifty to one hundred seventy five pounds. Females are in the one hundred and fifteen to one hundred and twenty five range.


Their features that match their ancestry


They have five fingers hands with claws on the tips.


They have paws with four digits and claws.

Fur coat

Please reference the appearance chart on the species page for details: Appearance Details


They have fox-like ears; the color of the inside of the ear is always different from the outside.


Their colors match the color of their body and can be roughly two-three feet long. The tips of their tails are always different in color.



Daur are between 4'3โ€œ and 5'4โ€ while females are 4'1โ€œ to 5'1โ€


Male Daur weight is between one hundred and one twenty five pounds. Females are in the eighty to ninety range.


They have some features that speak of their ancestry.

Fur Coat

Please reference the appearance chart on the species page for details: Appearance Details

Skin Color

Underneath the fur, most Duar have a white complexion, though some may have a red, blue or light green complexion.


A Daur's tail is roughly two feet long, sometimes one foot. Their tails tip is shorter than that of the Laibe, but is also a different color. Sometimes, their tails may actually be much shorter, this is very rare.


Daur ears resemble a foxes ears, the inner-fuzz is always different in color than the ear itself.


All daur are born with a poor sense of some kind except hearing, as hearing is their greatest sense. This loss isn't something that can disable them, but just something they have to contend and deal with over time. This poor sense can be mitigated using technology, but only certain senses can be mitigated. Others can't, an example being taste can't be fixed with technology but eye-sight can. A person can lose their sense of touch, taste, and eyes just to name a few.


Body Length and Height

Myleke bodies, because they resemble a four legged animal, are roughly six feet long, this does not include the tail. The max they can grow in height is four feet.


They have Prehensile tails, which can grow to anywhere from four to six feet long. Their tails are the same color as their body, the tip is bushy like with an alternate color. Their tail doubles as a biological link, all technology in the Kingdom has linkage points so that a My'leke can operate hardware.


Male My'leke can range in weight from one hundred and seventy to three hundred and forty pounds. Female My'leke can weight from one hundred and forty to two hundred and ninety pounds.


They have a very dense fur coat, however, they density varies on 'where' they were born. If the My'leke was born in a winter climate, then the coat will be very dense. However, if the My'leke was born in a desert-like climate, then it won't be very dense. The color of their fur coat is always the same as their skin.

Please refer to the appearance section for details on colors.


A My'leke's skin color is the same as that of their fut-coat. With a few exceptions, being My'leke who have dyed their coat a color different than that which they were born with.


All My'leke are born with hecterochromia, meaning both eyes are not the same color, one is one color (such as blue) while the other is another color (such as green)


Like with the Shukaren, the fuzz inside the ears is a color different from the rest of their body.

Fur along the back

All Myleke have a small rising fan of fur along the back, this fur is flamboyant and thus is a color different from the rest of the body.


They have four paws, some My'leke may be born with just three claws, but most are born with four. This includes the toe.

Psychological Characteristics

Despite being a three species race, the Neshate share a surprising amount of similarities, only the stuff listed here will denote the small number of differences in the species.

Cultural specifics

The Neshaten people, known as the Shukaren-Daur, Shukaren-Laibe, and My'leke, all share the same kind of loyalty to the Kingdom. It is rare to find anyone who is disloyal, and anyone who wishes to betray. This is indirectly caused by both the educational system that Neshaten have, but also, by their closed society.

However, some differences can be seen. The Laibe have a strong dislike for the Daur, they view them as being inferior and below them. The Shukaren-duar, on the other hand, do not feel any real hatred toward the Laibe, and generally avoid causing conflict. However, this doesn't mean that a Daur may not feel worried or concerned about the Laibe.

On the other hand, a My'leke treat the Laibe with an air of caution.

In general, however, all three species have a wide range of psychological profiles and can have quirks that may make them act in one way or another. Children exhibit more quirks than an adult; however, this doesn't mean an adult can't have an assortment of quirks that adds to their uniqueness.

More cultural information can be found here: Neshaten Culture


Shukaren-Laibe: Most Laibe have a wide range of different personalities, some may be more inclined to have a superiority complex than others. Most their personalities can really range, and as time goes on, its possible some Laibe may be born without the feeling of being superior to others. It is not uncommon for them to have quirks that make them stand out from their fellow Laibe.

Shukaren-Daur: Personality-wise, it's not uncommon for a Daur to develop an inferiority complex toward the Laibe, especially if they grew up in a predominately Laibe area. Otherwise, their personalities can range and they do have quirks that make them different from their fellow Daur. However, most Daur have a pursuit of knowledge.

My'leke: The My'leke's personalities can range into different areas due to their slightly animalistic nature, but they do have quirks that makes them unique amongst their people. It's not uncommon for a My'leke to have a complex against the Laibe for the past, but it's also not uncommon for some My'leke to be very trusting of others, or even very cautious of others.


Shukaren-Laibe: Most Laibe can and do dislike the Daur and My'leke due to their superiority complex, however, it is uncommon for the Laibe to fully dislike their Kingdom with the exception of truly wanting more power over others. Otherwise, they are free to dislike most anything, but they do dislike their nations enemy if the nation has one.

Shukaren-Daur: Unlike the Laibe, the Daur do not dislike easily. Though they range in their dislikes, it is rare for a Daur to dislike another species due to their tolerance of others, they may have concerns about others, but never open dislike without a very very good reason. In short, a Daur can dislike a wide range of things, just not species in general. They do their nations enemies, however.

My'leke: The My'leke have their dislikes, but all Myleke dislike the Laibe due to past attempts at eradicating their species. Although rare, it is possible for some My'leke to even dislike the Daur depending on what might have caused this dislike to happen. Otherwise, their range of dislikes can be numerous. The My'leke do not like fruits however, as the fruits on their homeworld are to juicy for them. They also dislike their nation's enemies, or anyone who mistreats them.


Shukaren-Laibe: Laibe like the feeling of being superior to others, and also like authority and power. In fact, it would be rare for a Laibe to not like power or authority. Otherwise, their likes can be very rare ranging. However, they do love spicy meats. It's is very uncommon for the Laibe to 'like' the Myleke, but not unheard of, they will never like their enemies however unless they are strictly against the Daur.

Shukaren-Daur: Daur have a range of likes that can include pretty much anything, though their slightly more pacifistic nature means that most like peace and solitude and also most may like the pursuit of knowledge, including the searching of ruins or other ancient civilizations. Otherwise, it's not uncommon for them to like many different things in the world, but they do like juicy fruits. They will never like their nations enemies, and the vast majority will never like anyone who tries to harm the My'leke.

Myleke: The My'leke like a lot of things, just depends on where they were raised. Most do like the Daur, however, as the Daur are the only ones who truly gave them any form of respect or sheltered them in the past when times needed it. My'leke will never like their enemies, or anyone who mistreats them.


Shukaren-Laibe: A Laibe can have different types of goals in their life, whether it's to obtain vast amounts of power, or just to find peace in life. It can truly range depending on their personality and what they like or dislike.

Shukaren-Daur: The Daur have many goals, nearly unlimited depending on their desires and wants, most have a goal to pursue knowledge, while others may have goals to better their lives and rise up in society, obtaining that next big social class rank.

Myleke: The Myleke can have any number of goals depending on what it is they are reaching for, this can include finding ways to improve their society or even discovering the secrets of the past. It is truly unlimited for them.


Because the Neshaten are a closed society and have never expanded beyond their borders, or meet other races. Their history should consist of both their upbringing, and why they decided to join the Volunteer Military. They also know about the past.

History should also detail their journey through basic training and any struggles they may have encountered. No Neshaten is perfect.

If the character has gone through the Rite of Honour, then that must be detailed precisely in the history of both characters who took part in it. However, this must be approved by the FM first.

โš ๏ธ The Rite of Honour is restricted to SARP Veterans, and dou-players (IE: Two players willing to play together), must talk to FM first!

Factional Details

The Neshaten have both the Volunteer Military and the Youth Division, there is a stark difference between the two. While the Volunteer Military is for adult characters, the youth division is for child characters.

This in short means that the Neshaten allows their children to join the military after they graduate from primary school, the Youth Division is essentially a militia, but characters here are allowed to be deployed on military vessels in order to further thier own experience.

Adult Neshaten are free to serve anywhere they choose as long as the ship isn't full. Child characters must also put in for a request to serve on their chosen ship, but there is a restriction to only one child character per two player characters. This restriction doesn't apply to NPCs.

Adult Characters

Adult characters are unrestricted in what occupation's they can join, it does not matter if they are Shukaren or My'leke.

Child Characters

Child Characters are slightly restricted both in occupations and ranking structure. Please refer to the ranking and occupation guide for more details.

It also needs to be noted that a child character's tail size is roughly half a foot to a foot long, depending on the size of their body.

Occupations and Starting Rank

All new characters start out with the rank of C'Baruce.

The following is a list of occupations that a Neshaten Character can join in:

Occupation Short Description NPC/PC Location
Marine Combat Enemies and Repels Boarders Both Onboard Starships or Groundside
Aviator Flies fighters or bombers, and starships Both Anywhere
Healer Treats wounded Both Anywhere
Engineer Performs repairs, maintains starship, repairs and installs technology Both Anywhere
Swordmaster Close Quarters Combat or Bodyguards Both Anywhere
Agent1) Intelligence Officer Both Anywhere
Officer Level Positions2)
Shipmaster Captains Starships or Stations Both Ships or Stations
Lexicon Captains XO Both Ships or Stations

Civilian Occupations

โš ๏ธ This section is a current Work In Progress, Please DO NOT USE at this time! โš ๏ธ

The following list details what civilian occupations a civilian character can get into. However, this list can also be used for military characters so that they can show where they came from before entering the navy or where they have gone after retirement. For example, a military character who was once a chef but then entered into the navy to become an Aviator, this means that the character also knows quite a bit of food preperation and cooking. For Military Characters these are OPTIONAL.

Occupation Pronouciation NPC/PC
Ni'yse (Miester Healer) Nii-is Both
Lo'ine (Healer) Low-in-eee Both
Gae'huye (Farmer) Guy-hoo-e Both
Lies'ane (Librarian) Lae-sa-ane Both
Min'alashe (Linguist) Mi-a-la-shii NPC
Laye'isue (Booksetter) Lee-is-uu Both
Na'me (Lawyer) Nay-my Both
La'vishen(Preschool Student) Laa-vee-hin Both
Sh'ishen(Primary Student) Shii-is-hin Both
U'ishen (Upper Primary Student) You-ii-she-ne Both
I'oshen (Secondary Student) Iiio-hin Both
Jui'ashen (University/Tech Student} Juu-i-as-hin Both
Sun'amae (Scientist) Sune-am-ee Both
Nu'suname (Specialized Scientist) Nuu-su-naa-maa Both
Gen'ro (Cook) Gene-row Both
Ni'yahe (Retainer) Nee-ya-sha Both
Hyuag'ane (Architect) Hee-yu-gaa-nee Both
Hi'tre (Councilman) Hie-tru Both 3)
Aise'ane (Civilian Pilot) Aii-san-nee Both
Juu'jusane (Entertainer) Jew-je-sane Both
Use'la (Guardian) Uss-la Both
Tri'ze (Trainer) Tee-zee Both
Nin'saje (Worker) Niin-saw-ge Both
Ehe'sii'ne (Emissary) Eee-ha-see-ny NPC 4)
Ess'hane (Musician/Singer) Ee-see-hee-na Both
Zuia'ne (Engineer) Zoo-is-ane Both
Tii'sehe (Devoted) Te-sha-he Both
Sha'no (Priest/Priestess) Shee-nuu Both
Vui'reane (Guard) Vee-ree-aan-iii Both
Fuye'ane (Archeologist) Fuu-aane Both
Ka'kena (counselor) Kaa-kii-nee Both
Nas'he (Contract Broker) Naass-He Mainly NPC, but can be PC
Vui'tra (Information Broker) Uuu-tru Both
Ini'she (Counselor) In-I-sh-ee Both


All occupations have set skills that they need, please refer to the occupational pages themselves for these listed skills, a character needs seven skills including the ones on the occupational page and those below, depending on the occupation, you may have one or two free-skill slots to put whatever you want. On the other hand, all characters regardless of occupation must have the following boiler plate skills listed:

โš ๏ธ You do not need to use the descriptions listed or in each professions page, you can create your own, but they are still required and the details behind each skill must be mentioned in some way *For example, Knowledge* โš ๏ธ
Skill Reason
Technology Operation Required for My'leke due to their biological tail and its ability to control technology.
Fighting The vast majority of all Neshaten are taught how to defend themselves, whether it's with a sword or a rifle.
Knowledge Because of how important history is, but also in order to curb the racial problems that would naturally exist in their culture, all Neshaten are taught about their past and what lead up to them having to colonize a new world but also about their allies the My'leke or the Shukaren. This is also related to law as well, where-as a soldier must know their Kingdoms laws so they can enforce them when needed.


The following is a list of items that all new characters start out with. When copied over, remove anything in the ( )

  * Clothing
    * [[faction:neshaten:armored_body_suit]]
    * [[faction:neshaten:military_uniform]]
    * [[faction:neshaten:working_uniform]]
  * Weapons
    * [[faction:neshaten:energy_bow]](If infantry or non-My'leke)
    * [[faction:neshaten:velarius_swordrifle|Velarious Swordrifle]]
    * [[faction:neshaten:setasis_sword]]
    * Standard Issue Plasma Pistol
    * Combat Knife
  * Standard Hygiene Pack
  * [[faction:neshaten:light_vision_goggles]]
  * Utility belt
    * Extra weaponized power crystals
    * Flashlight
    * Communicator
  * Duffel Bag (for storing personnel items)
  * Personal Clothing (Laibe tend to wear only clothing that covers their vital parts, the My'leke typically only wear a [[items:clothing:scarf|scarf]], while the Daur tends to have clothing that covers the majority of their body)
    * Clothing Item 1
  * [[faction:neshaten:datacrystal|Black PID Crystal]](Enlisted) or [[faction:neshaten:datacrystal|White PID Crystal]](Officer)
  * [[faction:neshaten:grooming_tool]]
  * Credit Card (Only if their PID Crystal isn't being used for that purpose)


All Neshaten soldiers start out with five thousand (5000) RN, their currency. This value can change depending on circomstances, a character can request more money by taking out a loan.

*Agents*While children aren't usually allowed to start out as this, they can if they've been in the youth division starting from the age of eight
*Officer Positions*Child characters can't start out as a Shipmaster or XO, although they can work their way up there
3) , 4)
Must get FM Permission

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