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Neshaten Division of Transportation

The Neshaten Division of Transportation was created long after the Neshaten set up their government, it is used to help control the flow of traffic both on ground based roadways and in the air and also serves to help guide military and ship traffic.


The DoT was created in late ER 128 when the Neshaten Capital was starting to take shape, the division started out in a small headquarters that was only a single story building. But this changed in ER 473 when the division upgraded to a five story building and a four story basement, with each story handling a different area of the division.

As of ER 560, they have multiple branch buildings located in every city. Although their headquarters is still located in the capital.

HQ Building

The Division of Transportation Headquarters building is a large circular structure with a starship landing pad on the top, with balconies on the sides.

Floor Description
Basement 4 Storage
Basement 3 Employee Parking
Basement 2 Customer Parking
Basement 1 Customer Parking
First Lobby/Driver Test Department/Vehicle Repair Departments
Second Traffic Control Department
Third Safety Center Department
Fourth Administration
Fifth Logistics

Division Information

The DoT handles all manners of traffic related to the Neshaten, and has subsidiary buildings located in each and every city. The DoT is responsible for ensuring driver safety and for keeping an eye on people and how they drive, to ensure that safety is the number one factor that people take into account. It is split into a number of different departments each designed to handle a specific job. The Division works in tandum with City Guard Forces in cases involving high-speed cases, car-theft, or out of control vehicles.

Because the number of vehicles on the road are small, the departments main responsibility is to track starships and trucks, but also cars being driven by Kits.



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