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Neshaten Volunteer Military Ranks and Paygrade

The Neshaten ranking system is used by both the navy and the ground forces. Youth soldiers use a different rank badge symbol while Enlisted in order to separate them from the system, this is technically due to their division being more a militia than an actual military unit. Ranks are not worn as a patch on the uniform, but rather, as a patch on an armband, which makes them easy to remove before a battle. Only officers in the upper ranks actually wear patches on their uniforms, however these patches can be removed very easily.

Out of all of the ranks, only the Q'Abrenal rank is restricted to a person whom is either part of nobility or royalty, however, while in the military it isn't entirely that difficult for an officer to be granted a royal or noble as long as they've served with honor and distinction.

When engaging enemy forces, either during enemy boarding action or on the ground, soldiers are taught to avoid saying a person's rank and instead their first name. This is to help prevent officers or those in charge from being singled out

Enlisted Ranks:

Enlistment Rank Patch Youth Patch Rank Name Pay Grade
E0 I'Neubreca* 1,225 Rn
E1 D'Uruulin 1,575 Rn
E2 C'Baruce * * 2,175 Rn
E3 A'Fuereb 2,355 Rn
E4 X'Muyeia 2,500 Rn
E5 O'Eytene 2,675 Rn
E6 F'Bantau 2,900 Rn

* Starting rank for characters in basic training * * Starting rank for all new characters

The following are Warrant officer ranks:

Warrant Officer Patch Rank Name Pay Grade
W1 G'Tyere 2,950 Rn
W2 Y'Verus 3,075 Rn
W3 R'Mueta 4,125 Rn

The following are officer ranks:

Officer Rank Patch Rank Name Pay Grade
O0 V'Quirese 1,750 Rn
O0 Z'Nyucese 1,800 Rn
O1 N'Marida 2,840 Rn
O2 W'Xesna* 3,900 Rn
O3 M'Aura 4,100 Rn
O4 E'Leuyte * * 6,400 Rn
O5 U'Cetrinal 8,400 Rn
O6 J'Yura 10,600 Rn
O7 P'Iurebe 12,500 Rn
O8 Q'Abrenal 18,700 Rn

* Highest rank possible for a child soldier during peace-time.

* * Highest rank possible for a child soldier.

The following is a list of unique ranks not associated with the normal ranking structure

Special Rank Patch Rank Name Pay Grade
S01 Sere'ta'kon Varies


Neshaten soldiers are paid once every 30 days. For ease of use, this will be every OOC Month.

As a soldier improves in his/her occupation, his/her pay goes up, but it will only got up by two set amounts. New soldiers don't have to worry about this increase, as they are not experienced in their profession. On the other hand, experienced soldiers who are returning from retirement, or soldiers who have been in the military for awhile and have recently earned a degree in their profession, do.

Degree Wage Increase
Apprentice 0%
Intermediate 15%
Master 50%

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