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SNV Cercatore Di Stella

SNV Cercatore Di Stella is a Litos'kan-Class in service of the Shukara Volunteer Navy in the 2nd Exploratory Task Force. The ship is under the command of U'Cetrinal Vivaldo La Rostislavovna. The SNV Cercatore Di Stella is going to explore the north of the Kingdom of Neshaten space to find habitable planets, find new resource, it might get caught up into trouble, and there is a catch to it…only the crew (and some high officials) know that the urgency of the SNV Cercatore Di Stella mission. As they are expected to find a new homeworld. Its Game Master is Rawolfe.

This plot is currently inactive!

SNV Cercatore Di Stella
Forum Link Snv Cercatore Di Stella Plot Thread
Type Play-by-Post/Joint Posts
Faction Kingdom of Neshaten
Game Master Rawolfe
Pacing adjustable, ideally one post per week
Number of Players 5
Accepting Players? No
Joining Requirements Requires to be in Kingdom of Neshaten.
Starting Date 12-12-2019-17-08-2020

SNV Cercatore Di Stella in Roleplay

SNV Cercatore Di Stella plot deals with the exploration in any kind of variation possible. The plot deals with general exploration, resource gathering, interacting with other species and combat. But also explores the social element and interaction between the characters that carry the burden of finding a new homeworld for their people. Currently, this is PG16 rated.

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SNV Cercatore Di Stella

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