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Kingdom Fall

Kingdom Fall is a roleplaying plot created October, 2019 by GM club24.

Status: This plot is currently open for application to join. (Yes even while inprogress! just send club24 a DM on discord.

Plot Overview

Kingdom Fall is a recently surfaced group of extreme radicals bent on overthrowing the royal family and restructuring the government and military to fight tooth and tail to defend their nation from foreign powers. They have been in hiding for nearly 40 years as of EE004v (YE41) and are finally making a move on their plans. To combat their emerging threat the specialist counter terrorist organisation Neshaten Division 5 was founded and put into play immediately.

For potential players and those interested, this plot aims to focus on the interaction between a group of initiates played by you, when faced with the reality of what they have signed up for with many if not all having joined as they believed in changing the country without knowing how this group planned to do it. Civilian characters are recommended however previous navy or youth corps experience isn't barred either, the aim isn't to be the most highly skilled fighter as its not a combat centered plot. Many interactions with enemies will be in hit and run style missions or against less highly trained forces until they have proven their capacity to their Gun rank handler.

Rules and Pacing

This plot operates as a play by post story with a thread on the site as linked above however Joint Posts between players are also facilitated for on the side rp.

This plot aims to have at least one gm post each week and players are expected to keep up with this, however timing is flexible and real life comes first.

Characters and Players

Thread 1
Character Player Notes
Misha Iwan'ako Jabonicus Missing
Rudouva Eliana Aria Missing
Delfino La Rostislavovna Rawolfe Missing
Zoya Ja'lani Charmaylarg Active
Ta'Jana Nadka Jiori Missing
Thread 2
Character Player Notes
Zoya Ja'lani Charmaylarg Active
Ana'stasia Frostjaeger Removed
Leru DePosk'ya SirSkully Active
Kysh'ma'kri Kol'ya iaincarter Active
Raya'suf Pushkin Notamedicalprofessional Active
NUR'MAK K'GORI Astrophel Active
Xial'na Ual'sha Gingerglitch Active


β€œThe Fight Begins”

A new batch of recruits into the extremist organisation, Kingdom Fall, are put through their paces and giving trials both physical and mental in order to prepare them for the coming battles with the nations elite counter-terror unit, Division 5. Friends and enemies were made quickly with many understanding the value of team-work quickly and others dismissing the help of those perceived to be less than themselves.

While unfinished this first thread marked the start of a journey and gave insight into the kinds of disenfranchised or uncertain people who eventually found their way to radical political extremism, some came to fight while others simply wanted change, and those well connected hedged their bets on joining the winning team.

OOC Notes

This page was created by club24 on October 29th 2019.

OOC Managerclub24
OOC ThreadOOC Thread
Last Checked2023/07/21
Characters WantedAny Daur or Laibe characters, civilian jobs preferrable to make it interesting but military is welcome as well.

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