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Kingdom Fall

With roots running as far back as ER7601), the secretive radicals group known as 'Kingdom Fall' is a small sub-faction of the Kingdom of Neshaten who are dedicated to bringing an end to the established order and peace, their primary goal to eliminate the current royal family.

About KF

NOTE: Much of the information in this article is not known by player characters or even the IC authorities and is kept secret by KF and is not to be referenced in RP of any kind anywhere on the site, info that is known will be marked as such. None of this information is known to entities outside of Neshaten.

Kingdom Fall was established in ER760 when a small group of anti-establishmentarianism radicals came together in secret and began plotting to overthrow the royal family, hence the chosen name for the group in direct reference of their goal. In total there were six founding members, each of them chose to abandon their names in defiance of society and to cement them as the leaders of KF. Since their creation, the group has slowly gained traction underground and has remained hidden from anyone not indoctrinated or invited into their folds, with only a handful of members joining up each year they remained in the shadows and only communicated and met one another when they were absolutely sure they would not be found.

When the era of restart became the era of exploration2) KF, now with a little over 1000 members took on a more rapid expansion model, using an alias of Kuni-Fera they opened their doors to those who didn't fit in with society and wanted to get back at them. New recruits were given almost no information other than the codename of the person they would take orders from and where to meet at what time. This rapid influx was still relatively secret with only whispers of its occurrence traveling around underground, the families of these new members were either hidden away from the world or killed if they refused to join alongside the first member.

The following is known to Neshaten Division 5. In EE003v KF made its first move, now with a member count a little over 130003) they began carrying out raids on naval bases and manufacturing plants and stockpiles stealing thousands of weapons and pieces of equipment. A recorded 20 different raids took place in the space of two years with enough equipment stolen to arm a small militia, these raids were designed to attract attention to home soil as well as riling up the public, using the media to their advantage.

The following is known to Neshaten Division 5. Since going to ground after carrying out these raids the recruited grunts of KF have been constantly moving around the outskirts and unpopulated areas of Nesha Prime (Planet) with several proxies and red herrings for each actual warehouse, stockpile, and transport route. When hearing about the establishment of Neshaten Division 5 KF began setting bait to gauge the abilities of their new enemy who were dedicated to rooting out and shutting down groups like theirs.

Ranks of Membership

There are four different ranks of membership within Kingdom Fall, each one with its own role to fulfill within the organization. As of the beginning of EE004v the member count for KF numbers at roughly 16 000 with 12 members holding the title of Sword and each of them employing several Guns beneath them. This structure was developed and implemented by the Founders as the membership rates finally slowed down in an effort to maintain order among the ranks of the organization. Kingdom Fall unlike the armed forces of the Kingdom of Neshaten, employ members of other species from across the galaxy to bolster their numbers more than anything else, these non-Shukaren members are often picked on by the Guns they work for as they have no political or social ties with the fight. Despite these members rarely being recognized for their efforts they can be appointed as the replacement for their employing Gun in very rare circumstances.4)


Only six people have ever held the title of founder and will remain the only ones to hold this title regardless of what happens to KF. These six were the original group who came together and built up the very idea and name of Kingdom Fall and come from many backgrounds, with ex-military, science, law, politics, and trading being the main previous professions of these members giving them a combined experience far stronger than a rag-tag group of militants.


KF members who are given the rank and title of 'Sword of Kingdom Fall' are considered to be elites in their field, be it the armed fighting force of the group or the social manipulators they have proven their worth to the cause time and time again and have been noticed by the Founders. The Swords oversee operations and have several Guns working under them to ensure there is always someone in charge regardless of what and where an operation may be.


The Guns are appointed by the Sword who oversees the particular field or operation type they worked in prior to becoming a Gun. These members are chosen for their ability to lead and command either respect or fear and can keep control of the Initiates under them, they must be able to carry out tasks assigned to them by their respective Sword in their absence. Should a Gun fail to keep control of his or her initiates or fail to meet expectations they are always demoted and on some major occasions, made to disappear forever without a trace.


The main body of KF is made up of Initiates, members who have been recruited and perform the heavy lifting as such for the organization. These members come from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences but none of them know the full extent of KF's plans nor do they know the names of any of the Guns, Swords or Founders, with the existence of the Swords and Founders being kept a secret from them. Initiates perform all the groundwork for KF and are considered somewhat expendable, for this reason, they have almost all information about the group withheld from them in the event they are captured.

Roles of Membership

Each member of Kingdom Fall is slotted into one of three roles based on their aptitude upon initiation, these roles determine what part they play during assignments.


The role of a fighter is to be seen first followed quickly by whatever weapon they profess in, during most assignments the fighters act as support to their team and are usually the physically stronger members with combat experience or backgrounds in security. If a situation goes sour the fighters are expected to take the active role during combat and defend their team, making a final stand for their escape if needed.


The infiltrator role is given to those fast and nimble members who can get in and out of a building, situation and in some cases even a continent without issue. They're expected to think on their feet and make quick decisions in the field and are often used as scouts to check over an area or building when needed.


A concealer is someone who can move through groups of people without being seen or heard, while hearing and seeing plenty of information themselves. They are also usually the more cunning and strategic planners of a team, chosen for their brains over brawn and occasionally put in leadership roles when necessary though Kingdom Fall prefers to keep them out of sight and out of mind.

Main Headquarters

The main headquarters of Kingdom Fall is located underground in the southern mountains of the central continent on Nesha Prime (Planet).

The HQ lies entirely underground with a hidden entrance to the main elevator in the deepest part of a valley surrounded by mountains on 3 sides. Once below the surface, the elevator opens into a misleading abandoned storage room filled with decrepit technology and vehicles to throw off any nosy lookers. Hidden at the far wall is a second elevator shaft leading into the main compound, the first 6 levels are dedicated to barracks, and armoury depots with a further 4 levels dedicated to stockpiling their stolen vehicles, weapons and prototype technologies.

The lowest level of the HQ houses the improvised war room of the KF where members with the rank of Sword and Founder convene to plan attacks and other movements against the Kingdom.

Secondary Bases

Since its formation Kingdom Fall has expanded its operations and added several more permanent installations across the planet, 2 in the central continent and another they discovered abandoned in the southern continent away from prying eyes.

Netoshen Base: Zeta

Zeta was the first base built by Kingdom Fall after their headquarters, the group stumbled upon an abandoned project and decided to finish it themselves after deeming it safe to do so. It was specially designed to be the first stop for initiates joining their ranks, housing and training them. Zeta was destroyed in EE 004v (YE 43) by the group shrouded in secrecy known as “Null Fleet” during an extraction from the area as cover for their troops, an experimental FTL cannon Kingdom Fall was building housed below the build site was detonated leaving only a crater behind.

Kester Base: Omega

Omega has become the center for initiates joining Kingdom Fall after Zeta was destroyed in EE 004v (YE 43), prior to this it was used as an observation post and central equipment hub for Kingdom Fall housing the majority of their stolen vehicles and guns. Several hangars have been converted to training grounds and barracks to support the additional population now living there.

The base is located underground near the coast and has a submarine pen attached often used to smuggle goods and personnel in and out of the continent.

Lui Mashe Yuashe Base: Tau

Tau is constructed a small distance outside of the diplomatic capital city of Nesha Prime (Planet) and is the smallest of the 3 bases, housing a selection of assignment ready members as well as prominent figures who are either sympathetic or completely on-board with Kingdom Fall's cause and work from the inside to push their agenda.

May'nale Base: Rho

Rho was the first base outside of the headquarters used by Kingdom Fall but unlike Zeta was found rather than constructed, several Sword rank members uncovered the old starship base while scouting for a suitable location to setup a southern FOB and it was quickly occupied and converted into a covert Smuggling port for the group. The few starships Kingdom Fall has obtained through various methods are stored here and used to ferry their members or products to and from Nesha Prime, this is still a rare occurrence due to increasing surveillance by the Royal Navy.

Forward Operating Bases

Kingdom Fall has a forward operating base in several major cities on Nesha Prime which they use for coordinating local attacks and gathering intelligence and technologies from Division 5 and the Shukara Navy.

The following locations contain an FOB belonging to Kingdom Fall, each FOB consists of a planning room, armoury, barracks and garage.

  • Netoshen
  • Kester
  • Ka'Teneh'Ae
  • We'Mena

Founding Members

The six founders of Kingdom Fall came together in secret to form the group, and with that secrecy, they laid out a set of conditions for themselves. No founder knows the true identity of any other founder, nor does anyone below them; each member took on a code name when KF was founded. After many years of use, the six of them cast off their old names in favour of the secrecy provided by using their codes.

The following are the codenames and areas of expertise held by each founder along with their species; this information is unknown to any and all characters and entities within the setting.

  • Commerce Executive - Laibe - Alpha: The ringleader of Kingdom Fall, an experienced banker and trader among the Neshaten whose desire for wealth and power exceeded his loyalty.
  • Disgraced Officer - Daur - Beta: The second in charge and brains of their strategic operations and attacks. She was dishonourably discharged after failing to protect her troops during a key battle with rogue elements years prior; she now holds extreme distaste for the Kingdom and its forces.
  • Bioengineer - Laibe - CherryThorn: An aspiring bioengineer within the Kingdom, she had been working on a genetic modification for a primary cropping plant used by the Kingdom. The experiment failed and her funding was canceled, she now fights against the scientific bureaucrats who shamed her.
  • Political Lawyer - Laibe - Deltorus: A high ranking lawyer for political defendants, she failed to get charges against a certain political figure dropped and they were found guilty. She woke up without a job or potential of having a career again, now she acts under false IDs to bail out members of KF and dance around the law.
  • Anarchist Captain - Daur - Et'Nonda: Known for his involvement in past riots and acts of anarchy, he has shaped the way the discontent citizens of the Kingdom express their distaste. His work within these events has always been that of a leader who commanded respect through his actions, taking a seat at the table of KF was too good an opportunity.
  • Military Engineer - Laibe - Foxtrap: Her skills as a field engineer and ability to modify and improve almost all Neshaten weapons technology was a valuable asset to the Navy. Her pursuit of greater skill and more powerful weapons lead her to KF when the military declined her funding.

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