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Iromakuanhe Shield Technology

Even for the unblooded Iromakuanhe, space is a dangerous place. Collisions with spaceborne particles while moving at the full speeds available to MASC Drives can wear a ship down, and larger debris can be deadly. Employing an exotic blend of space compression, conformal electrostatic fields and high energy repulsors, the scientists at Solan Starworks have managed to create a series of shielding systems that are ideal for theses situations. There are also more militarized technologies, that are designed specifically for Astral Vanguard use.

Vector Field

Vector fields, or forcefields, are advanced defensive systems that employ specialized space compression to create physical barriers to prevent harm from all types of damage. They also redirect non-coherent radiation and particle weapons, due to reshaping the manner in which space travels. Because of alternative means of achieving distortion, these shields are highly resistant to EMP and subspace detonation systems, that are notorious for quickly disabling shields.

While MASC-based technologies are common knowledge in the Astral Commonwealth, most Vector Field devices are restricted military hardware, and have no applications in civilian craft. Crude repulsor systems, are however, commonly seen in some non-military settings.

Vector Field System Repulsor Burst Field


Combined electrostatic and electromagnetic offer dual protection versus solid munitions and EM weapons by creating fields that either disperse or destroy incoming weapons fire.

Resistor Barrier Shield


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