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NovaCorp Xaser Assault Rifle (XAR)

NovaCorp Logo A TC Company


A very, very effective weapon employed primarily by the Star Army of Nepleslia and designed/produced by NovaCorp. Though of short range, it's incredibly dangerous, as without shields it can effectively burn and mutate a target to death. Multiple shots are needed to do this, of course, but still. The problem is it's made of durable materials such as carbon ring and Durandium. Relatively speaking, these materials are very heavy, making the gun heavy to lug about. Also comes in a textured furniture version.



Type: X-ray laser Class: Rifle Nomenclature: No-W1-1a Sub-class: Assault rifle Base model: XAR Sub-model: N/A


Dimensions: 308 x 103 x ?? mm Mass: 4,000 g Rate of Fire: 500 rnds/min Range: 400 m Energy ratings: Severe. X-ray blasts damage only organic targets, while inorganic barriers are useless unless properly shielded. β€œHeavy” blasts tend to explode, but not like NSP shots.

Damage Rating

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel

Capacity: 50 through na-e3300 in top of stock. 25 heavy shots.

Controls: Two switches on right side adjust built-in laser and light. Left side features knob to adjust between low, normal and heavy. Light display on right side. Safety above trigger.

Additions: Comes with scope for mounting rail.

OOC Notes

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