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Site Tools Commonwealth Communications Grid (which stands for Origin GEstalt Node InteRconnection dot network) is the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth's nation-wide multi-tiered internet service with coverage to all of the colonies in the area of the Iruotl System. It is comprised of four secure governmental, military and corporate networks which are built around clustered decentralized NI nodes, and two larger 'free' networks which are not monitored or secured by the's ICOMNI cores. It is accessed either through neural interface-based neural immersion or through more traditional GUI-based platforms.

Service is fairly fast, comparable to the and the basic-tier is free to all registered citizens, while corporate entities receive access as a part of their chartering with the government. is entirely uncontrolled and unregulated, but only shares common transmission points with the other networks, and is operated solely by the underground, and is employed by hackers, criminals and private societies.

Network Identification


Specifically in the context of OGNEIR networks.

  • Network: Any arrangement of interconnected systems. Can be traditional local area network or OGNEIR-based.
  • Cluster: Systems arranged in a local block, centered around an NI core and/or transmission node.
  • Node: Interchangeably, any number of grouped systems intended to connect clusters, or a network of clusters.
  • Layer: The separate, but connected networks, formed of tens of thousands of nodes. Interior communications are relatively easy, while inter-layer networking is somewhat more difficult.

User interface terms.

  • Diving: The act of directly immersing oneself in the network via the use of neck or spinal neural interfaces.
  • Diver(s): Users who utilize entry port-based neural interfaces and use immersive user interfaces to interact with the network.
  • Fronting: The act of accessing the network without an immersive neural interface.

Network Sectors

Regulated Networks

Regulated Networks in are formed in decentralized clusters centered around blocks of NI cores, which act as sentient server systems, with automated data transfer but manual network surveillance. These systems can be compared to a much safer version of the modern internet, with secure networks in operation to serve the various lawful elements of the Commonwealth.


In general, hacking inside of a network cluster or layer is possible, but difficult because of the advanced security measures put in place in the system. In the same way that a sentient will notice that their minds are being read, the sentient cores and their operators are able to notice if they are being accessed without their permission, and can effectively sever or reroute connections unless vetoed and locked by their local cluster. If a cluster is compromised or has been possessed by a rogue or berserk NI and has been noticed by the main body, the network will automatically launch electronic countermeasures, locking them them down and severing their internal and external network connections.

Transmission Systems's main area networks use cutting-edge Iromakuanhe technology, primarily employing laser, MASC laser and ground-based fiber optics for their transmissions. Government Layer is the main governmental communications network, which exclusively used for transmitting classified non-military data, acts as a backup communications infrastructure in the event of a crisis in the network and contains the personal information database for every registered citizen in the Commonwealth. It is also used by black ops groups such as the Vanguard Intelligence Agency. Military Layer is a standard military-only communications network, in that it is not physically connected to the civilian networks, and employs heavy encryption in all transmissions. Unlike the other components of the network, is operated by a combination of Fleet Intelligence and Information Control NI. Corporate Layer is a corporate network layer, access to which is granted as a part of corporate registration. It is more secure and less expansive than, but unlike MASTER and SECURE, is connected to civilian nodes for purposes of online commerce. Civilian Layer is an expansive civilian-used layer, which spans three worlds in its current total range, and offers free access to all registered citizens of the Commonwealth.

Unregulated Networks

Security and do not have any pervasive security systems, and instead operate on a karmic and vigilantist sort of self-governance. Most hackers and underground networkers have a live-and-let-live mindset, and prefer to avoid trouble if they can help it. While observing public and poorly guarded files is acceptable, it is considered of poor taste to down server sections unless one has a good reason. Frequently, such users who have needlessly damaged the servers, infringed on the digital territory of a more skilled programmer or has done something that genuinely threatens the safety of the unregulated networks often have their systems irreparably violated by an innumerable amount of malicious code. Criminal agencies and secret societies could also conceivably have non-networked, hands-on security for dealing with especially troublesome users.

Transmission Systems

The unregulated networks rely primarily on fiber optic land lines, as well as antiquated microwave dish and radio transmissions. Recently, as MASC-technologies became more common, unregulated users were able to acquire access to Commonwealth MASC Laser arrays, allowing them have the same sort of system-wide accessibility as the users of regulated networks. Underground Layer is an underground network used by those who wish to remain anonymous in their access of the net, and while slightly slow, can connect to the main of OGNEIR. operates much more like a standard traditional internet service than the more sophisticated secured nets. 'Deep' Underground Layer is exactly as named, a semi-functional aggregate of rogue data constructs and derelict transmission nodes that is rarely accessed by anyone other than hackers and pre-NI sentiences. It is unstable, unreliable and generally dangerous to use by the uninitiated.

OOC Notes

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