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Adiel Avraham

Adiel Avraham is a player character played by Blizzard.

Adiel Avraham
Species: Elysian (Caelisolan)
Gender: Male
Age: 27 (YE 12)
Height: 6' 2“ (188 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs. (66 kg)
Organization: None
Occupation: Hustler
Rank: Bauer
Current Placement: The Wayward

Preferred Plots:

  1. The Wayward

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6' 2” (188 cm)
  • Mass: 145 lbs. (66 kg)
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: As part of his mission to surpass patricians, Adiel has taken up weight lifting in an attempt to match them in terms of physical strength. He his noticeably more bulky than the average caelisolan, having much more muscle mass. Nothing like a body builder however as he still has the usual tall, lanky frame of an Elysian, but the natural muscle tone helps greatly to pronounce his physique. He is endowed with chalk-white skin that burns easily, so tanning is out of the question.

Eyes and Facial Features: Adiel has a square face with high cheekbones and a strong chin. His eyes are sharp, and electric blue, with straight eyebrows. His pale, thin lips always seem to be contorted into a mischievous smirk.

Ears: Human ears.

Hair Color and Style: Adiel's hair is straight, black, and cut medium-length by Nepleslian standards. He regularly pushes it into a messy side-part to the left. Adiel Wears a light amount of scruff which is manicured to maintain a clean appearance.

Distinguishing Features: Black wings, spanning ten feet from tip to tip when fully expanded. Adiel has trained himself to glide for short distances, and still strives to someday be able to fly.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Well-mannered, witty, well trained in the art of business, and more than a little arrogant. At first, he seems like any confident, up and coming millionaire, until you begin to see his more private side: A sociopathic criminal with an unhealthy hatred of patricians; a ruthless predator who will stop at anything until he's gotten what he wants. A true rogue at heart, he often times has difficulty taking orders, especially if they're given in a condescending manner. This also means that he isn't one for “tradition”, and hates having to mold to meet the standards of a group or organization.

But hey, stay on his good side, and you've got yourself a master haggler who can make you oodles of cash in a short amount of time! He may come off as a jerk sometimes, but maybe all he needs is a good influence and a group of people who treat him as their equal for a change.

  • Likes: Expanding his wealth, being busy in general, dressing sharp, reading, painting, golf, shooting sports, high-class parties, fast women, faster cars.
  • Dislikes: Layabouts, whiners, submissive types, suck-ups, less than adequate accommodations, “low class” things, patricians and Elysian culture in general, and strict authority.
  • Goals: Force the higher classes of the Elysia to admit that their views of birth and lineage are wrong by besting them in any way he can.


Family (or Creators)

Toran (Father, whereabouts unknown), Saraphon (Mother, whereabouts unknown)

Friends & Associates

Flynn Blackburn (Former business associate/frenemy)


Born Isaaphon (no last name), and raised for the majority of his life in the Minyas system to a family of highly-traditional miners. Like all other Plebeians, he was raised to adhere to the social hierarchy, and to not expect to reach the level of the higher classes. For the most part, Isaaphon agreed, and lead an uneventful childhood, and was devout in his faith. The only thing he disliked was the sometimes faintly-condescending guidance and nurturing of the Patricians, which in his mind was perceived as a passive-aggressive way of mocking his abilities and his status as a Plebeian. This sparked a small jealousy of the Patricians and their perfect, god-like ways in the far recesses of his subconscious. One that would only get worse as time progressed.

By age eighteen, Isaaphon was anything but the ideal Elysian. He'd secretly renounced his faith in the creator, and harbored a grudge against authority, especially if that authority was Patrician in nature. Due to a small family and age, he hadn't formed a hatred of Yamataians like other Elysians. While he was a bit shaken by the exodus to New Elysia, he was still the mere age of six at the time and not fully able to comprehend what was going on. Later, however, his twisted mind viewed the defeat as a good thing; a well-deserved reality check to the Patricians. He never told anyone, that's for sure, but that's what he thought of the whole ordeal. Even worse, he blames Patricians for the famine which followed the exodus and caused he and his family to go hungry for a time.

Speaking of Patricians, the small jealousy from years before had festered in the darkest parts of his imagination. He thought of patricians as nothing more than pretentious, “holier-than-thou” white-knights who used lies and fairy tails to assert their dominance. None the less, he needed a way out of the mines, and he found that way in the Elysian Celestial Navy. He enlisted in YE 30, just in time for the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. Upon joining, he transferred himself into a Caelisolan body. Sadly, his short career was rather uneventful, with most of his time spent as a sentry for unimportant installations.

The exposure to clashing cultures during his service did nothing to help his psyche, as he saw, first hand, cultures in which birth and lineage were inconsequential. With all that time alone at his post, he was able to deeply ponder his perceived “backwardness” of the Elysian system, which eventually evolved into hatred of all things Elysian. After his brief career, which ended in YE 33, Isaaphon decided to use what little money he'd saved to break free from the Elysian Empire. He got rid of his “slave name”, and among the confusion of the still-raging war, he made his way to Nepleslia, where he tried his hand in the corporate world. While he didn't make it very far due to racial barriers, he did learn a lot about the art of making money. However, due to a lack of a job, he had no money. His luck finally turned when he found he had a knack for negotiation and diplomacy, a skill in high demand for the several, clashing gangs and syndicates of Nepleslia. He found himself working as a broker of deals both big and small between the different organizations, a middle-man, as it were. It wasn't a smooth career; there were times where a trigger needed to be pulled, and competition dealt with. His military training helped him in that respect. He's since then expanded his network to other systems beyond Nepleslia.

He's the guy who “knows a guy”, he's the man you come to if you need something. Lately, however, business has been slow, and the law has been growing increasingly scrutinous of his many “enterprises”. He's in desperate need of some sort of front that will shake them off his tail, something that would explain how he's been able to afford such nice things despite not paying taxes.

He'll figure it out. He always does.



Adiel knows five languages as a result of his travels. The first is Takavonai, which is really choppy, and mostly commerce terms from sparse trading opportunities. The second is Abwehran, of which he knows several basic phrases. Third is Yamataigo, in which he can hold a decent conversation, but still gets a few words and pronunciations wrong. Last is Trade and Seraphim, in which he has full fluency.

He can pitch himself and ideas extremely well, and has no trouble speaking to groups, having had several years of practice in the world of legal business.


When you're hired to oversee an arms deal between two groups of extremely wealthy crime-bosses who may or may not hate each others' guts, you need to be able to set the mood and put on a damn good party. Adiel is an excellent multitasker, and can arrange food, drink, decor, entertainment, security, invitations, and PR in a matter of hours.

As a host, expect him to be moving from guest to guest, checking on their moods, and making sure everyone's happy. Any problems are promptly dealt with, whether it be an unruly patron or an empty glass. He's an excellent party animal when he wants to be, which could be useful when you need a distraction.


Adiel's service in the Celestial Navy, as well as his job, have given him a basic, but sufficient set of abilities. He's never seen true combat, but he can handle himself when bullets start flying. In hand-to-hand, he's a scrappy fighter who will use any dirty trick to get ahead, and generally has no defined technique. He remembers very little of his blade training with the ECN, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to use one.

His main specialty lies with firearms. He prefers a Zen Arms .45 as his weapon of choice, and can handle an assault rifle when one is handed to him. For more stealthy encounters, you can find him competently eliminating foes with a sniper rifle. He makes an excellent choice for over-watch if you need it.


Once again, when standing between two rival gangs on the verge of a shootout, it helps to be able to ease tensions by taking a step back and looking at disagreements logically. He can keep himself calm and collected during disagreements, and use diplomacy to cool flaring tempers on both sides.

After working in this occupation for a while, you begin to learn how people tick, and how to influence them for the desired effect. For instance, he can make someone's fear and uncertainty of the future to make them hastily sign onto a deal they otherwise wouldn't have. He can leverage one's greed to agree to terms which are obviously too good to be true. He can talk his way out of being robbed as well, or make rival gangs fight each other, by knowing how to manipulate the criminal mind.


Adiel's occupation means that at he has run into trouble with the law at least once. He is well versed on his rights, and the laws of Nepleslia, Elysia, Yamatai, and Abwehr. He knows exactly how to cover up his crimes to an extent that no evidence can be found to convict him.

Also, he's knowledgeable of several loopholes in tax codes, zoning and weapon laws, and trade regulations. He knows how to make assets untouchable by banks and governments alike, by re-assigning ownership to a front company, and how to reduce or avoid payment of taxes all together. He can find ways to ship what would be illegal weapons, or materials.


Adiel is highly skilled at mathematics, especially those revolving around accounting, statistics, and probability. He's an excellent investor, and knows how to analyze market trends to see into the future. He can calculate start up costs and possible profits as well. This is a useful tool for prospectors looking to start a business in mining or some other field. He always keeps abreast of the values of certain commodities.

He is his own accountant, and you can often find him skimming through spreadsheets when not busy. If you ask him nicely enough, and offer enough incentive, he may even be able to help you manage your own finances. He's very skilled at managing a budget, both for himself and an organization, if need be.


Being able to pick a lock and tell a good lie are essential skills for the career criminal. Adiel can get through most basic locks, and even some mechanical locks thanks to the computer that comes with the Doorbreaker set. While no master thief, he knows a few basic tactics for lifting things off of people. And lying? He's mastered the phrase “not guilty”.

He's an attractive sort, and he knows it. Don't put it past him to try and put “the moves” on someone to get what he wants. A strong-willed person will see through this, of course, but he will still try.


Adiel Avraham has the following items:


  • 5 Suits of differing colors
  • 5 Dress shirts
  • 2 pairs of dress shoes
  • 1 pair of Boots
  • 2 long-sleeve Henley shirts
  • 2 belts
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 3 ties
  • 4 pairs of dress Socks
  • 4 pairs of regular Socks
  • 1 silver watch
  • 1 pair of gold aviator sunglasses



  • 2 standard Zen Arms .45 magazines (10 rounds ea.)
  • 1 Shoulder holster.
  • 4 Zen Arms double stack magazines (20 rounds ea.)
  • 600 rounds of .45
  • 1 four mag belt pouch
  • 1 sound suppressor for Zen Arms .45 pistol
  • 1 GP-1 Assault Rifle (GP-1A variant)
  • 2 Thirty round mags for GP-1A
  • 1 Combat knife



Adiel Avraham is currently a Bauer aboard the Anbruch.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
4000 KS 1000KS Wayward Signup Bonus
3560 KS 440 KS Resupply
3480 KS 80 KS Mazrit Brandy
3780 KS 300 KS April 2016 Pay
4080 KS 300 KS May 2016 Pay
4030 KS 50 KS Combat Knife
5830 KS 1800 KS 6 Months of Pay
6430 KS 600 KS 3 Months of Pay
11,430 KS 5,000 KS Mission Payout
Character Data
Character NameAdiel Avraham
Character OwnerBlizzard
Character StatusInactive Player Character
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