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Yamataian Jobs

Here's a list of jobs for independent characters and civilian space adventurers that start or take place in this Yamatai Star Empire.

pile of Star Army cargo

Remember, job offers should include all the necessary information:

  1. Who needs the job done? You can briefly describe an NPC contact.
  2. What is the task?
  3. Where is the job offered? In the case of transportation, an origin and destination are vital.
  4. Why is the job needed?
  5. When is the job needed? How long will it last?
  6. OOC notes, if applicable. You can include a suggested plot twist in these.

List of Available Jobs

Please preserve the numerical order of these jobs and use strikeouts to cross off completed ones.

  1. A shady β€œbusinessman” named Tama Moro needs to discretely ship an obsolete NH-29 body from an abandoned spaceport on planet Yamatai to a medical shop on Dawn Station. He's offering 1000 KS in cash.
  2. Sumiya Toyasu, a Scientific Studies Service (SSS) official, is offering cash for someone to collect several glacier ice core samples from Koukotsu III and return them to the Scientific Studies Service (SSS) - Tansaku Staging area without them being melted or contaminated. If they can do this, there is a 2000 KS reward. Hungry polar-bear-like creatures stalk the glaciers.
  3. A wealthy Phodian named Thrumpy on Ohara wants to go on a 2-day culinary tour of New Elysia to try different types of Psomi and needs transportation. OOC: He's the son of local mob boss and an assassin sent by a rival mob boss will try to cause the job-taker's ship to have an β€œunfortunate accident.”
  4. Star Army Intelligence agents throughout Yamatai have been attempting to gather more information about the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth such as its location, number of planets, and military capabilities. If you can supply this information, there are rewards available. Contact SAINT via the Yamatai communications network.
  5. A cryptic corporate agent named Haelie Brighte needs someone to salvage a derelict research spaceship in the Chen Nebula. Further, the job requires the party to travel through some severe radiation clouds.
  6. An Qel'noran corporate agent named Rulloo needs someone to transport it to the remote world Zath-Nianach, a ruined world of sinister jungles and desiccating wastes beneath a baleful red sky. A bizarre tower stands there, each stone etched with geometric glyphs that hold the key to an ancient technology.(Completed by The Wayward)
  7. A secretive yakuza named Yorin Hichi needs a team to break into the network of Ren Consolidated and assassinate an Object Aspect artificial intelligence. OOC: the team encounters an old enemy on the same job.
  8. A media personality named Funo Hana needs a team to deliver an antique handgun currently on Kennewes to a museum in Kyoto. OOC: Nepleslian profiteers are hired to steal it and bring it to Nepleslia instead.
  9. A shady smuggler named Yuki Callahan needs a team to assassinate a rival named Okan Masa. OOC: However, the team encounters an old ally working against them.
  10. A hacker named Alden Burcham needs a team to break into an industrial complex belonging to Ketsurui Zaibatsu and steal military nanotech. Further, the security surrounding the target is unusually high.
  11. A Kessaku Electronics agent named Kawa Fumi needs a team to recover plans for a military quantum computer stolen by IWL hackers. OOC: However, SAINT tries to eliminate the team after the job.
  12. A shady Yamataian government official named Loria Grison needs someone to hunt down and destroy a rogue medical robot. The job needs to be completed without involving authorities and is β€œoff the books.”
  13. The Star Army of Yamatai needs a ship to locate Chie Research Base.

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