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Ohara is the homeworld of the Phods, and is a member of the Yamatai Star Empire.

The Phod population on Ohara is around 7.2 billion.

Flag of Ohara
Above: The flag of Ohara, created by Wes.


The history of the planet Ohara can be found in the History section of the page for the Phods.


Ohara has been described as a planet that is “dressed in beautiful shades of green and blue”, and has been compared to the planet Yamatai (Planet). It is a temperate and fertile world with exceedingly high agricultural production capabilities. Continents are broken up by vast oceans, which are in turn dotted with numerous islands both great and small. Ohara supports numerous city-states, and two major nations.

Fort Ohara is an orbital space station in the Ohara system established in YE 28 during the First Mishhuvurthyar War. The branch of the Phodian military which staffs the space station is the Ohara Planetary Defense Force.

Communications are provided by a network of Emrys Satellites put into orbit in YE 34.

Major Nations and City-States

The following is a list of major nations and city-states of Ohara who were important enough to be signatories on the Treaty With Ohara in YE 28. Lesser city states are listed with their alignment to either Lage or Haton.

  • The Lage Republic
  • The Haton Federation
  • The Free City State of Everspring (Independent)
  • The Republic of Umbia (Hatonian)
  • The Republic of Bobi (Hatonian)
  • The Free City State of Klala (Hatonian)
  • Lagieasa (Lagean)
  • Chuno (Lagean)
  • Pinuu (Lagean)


Lagepax is the capitol of the Lage Republic. It is the seat of power of the Boop and the Grand Assembly. It was once the capitol of the dominant kingdom on Ohara. The city is noted for its ancient architecture in the downtown district, with many of the historical buildings being hundreds of years old. The ancient king who drew up the original city plans believed in the power of circles. The streets consists of concentric circles and straight lines radiating outward from the center. The ancient palace that once sat in the center of the city has been converted into the building where the Grand Assembly meets.


Baytown, despite its name, is the second largest city on Ohara and the capitol of the Haton Federation. It is the location of the Grand Congress. The vast majority of Ohara’s independent corporations were incorporated in and are headquartered in Baytown, due to the city’s lax tax laws. Giant advertising billboards line the sides of apartment buildings. The downtown area boasts stately, straight tree-lined avenues and towering office buildings, although city planning sort of breaks down further away from downtown. The old city district hosts of the oldest Freyan church on the mainland.


The Free City State of Everspring is actually the fifth largest city on Ohara in terms of population. However, it is the cultural heart of Ohara, for Everspring is the base of the Order of Freya. The city sits upon a large island. According to the priests of the Order of Freya, the entire island was once a pirate haven, until Freya and her followers came and eradicated the pirates, so that Freya may have a place to preach to her followers without fear of persecution, and free of the danger of being drafted as an adviser to one of the warlords.

The morning sun slowly threw its warm yellow beams upon the Free City State of Everspring, upon its stately town halls, upon its quaint cottages, upon the glorious and majestic Temple of Freya, the religious and spiritual center of the planet and the headquarters of the Order, and upon the first floor windows of the Museum of the Relics of Our Goddess.


Regular space lanes lead to and from the Ohara system. Native Phod technology supports orbital transport from the surface to Fort Ohara, though the Yamatai Space Empire still handles many transport tasks of its own personnel to and from the surface. Virtually all non-native transport down to the planet leads exclusively to the Free City State of Everspring, and non-natives from off-world are barred from touching down on Ohara unless they are members of the Star Army of Yamatai on official business.


The vast majority of the sapient population of Ohara is made up of its native population, the Phods. Nearly all non-natives on Ohara are Star Army personnel who are only allowed within the borders of the Free City State of Everspring.


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RP Opportunities

Most of the planet's surface is barred to non-natives. This is for their own protection, as the local governments do not know how the populace will react. Humanoid tourists will most likely get mobbed by crowds of curious Phods, and the local governments cannot guarantee everyone's safety. Only the Free City State of Everspring is open to Star Army of Yamatai personnel, whether they’re on official business or on leave. Yamataian civilians are not allowed in Everspring, however. The city wishes to remain a place of learning and healing, and not become a tourist trap. Since no non-native technology is allowed on the planet surface, Star Army of Yamatai personnel are forbidden to bring their firearms to Ohara. Phodian pistols are loaned to them upon request, as Star Army regulations require a pistol as a part of the uniform. The city of Everspring itself is a very safe place to be, with one of the lowest urban crime rates on Ohara. Everspring's paladins and acolytes are trained to be comfortable around humans, or at least act in a decorous manner. The local police will keep nosy Phodian tourists and pilgrims off of their back.

Other roleplay opportunities for non-native characters to interact with Phods can be found on the space station Fort Ohara

OOC Notes

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The flag of Ohara was created by Wes1).

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