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YSS Genesis

The YSS Genesis is a Serendipity-Class. Roleplay on the Genesis began May 9th, 2011 and ended September 24th, 2012.


Ketsurui Rikou Seth Larai Shinon Maverick Takeshi Yumiko

Mako Tani Saito Miyoko Masami Fieke Amsel

Current Main Crew
Rank Name Position Player
Taii Ketsurui Rikou Commanding Officer Kai (NPC)
Taii Seth Larai Executive Officer Kai (NPC)
Shoi Shinon Maverick PA commander ShotJon
Shoi Yusentia, Lina Starship Operator Kyle
Private Yokoyama Omitsu Technician/engineer Cadetnewb
Corporal Evelyn Fritz Medic Samuel
Corporal Rüd Grülik Security Blackbird Lore
Private Fieke Amsel Security Gwathdraug
Employee Spencer William Franklin V Quartermaster Lamb
Junior Executive Sierra Merkur Technical/Origin lead Kai (NPC)
Santo Hei Tani Mako Infantry Yoshi
Santo Juni Masami Rikou's Samurai Aendri
SAoY Crew
Name Position
Hideki Suomo Engineer
Sumomo Futori Engineer
Chidori Yukaza Engineer
Kotoko Hamadi Bridge
Yuzumi Hibiya Bridge
Kazako Shimei PA Pilot
Brando Sinclair PA Pilot
Bridget Nova PA Pilot
Kin Nakamura PA Pilot
Shiori Tamari PA Pilot
Kail Tarrim Starfighter Pilot
Trace Sinome Starfighter Pilot
Bixby Briggs Starfighter Pilot
Gatou Felimone Starfighter Pilot
Lucas Storm Starfighter Pilot
Kira Nagano Starfighter Pilot
Origin Crew
Name Position
Vince Wyn Engineer
Steve Schello Engineer
Jesse Kobrak Engineer
Dakota Orven Bridge
Adam Pascal Bridge
Katerina Descou Nurse
Brendan Parksom Ground Crew
Steven Bernardine Ground Crew
Jane Toyomo Ground Crew
Bob Nestel Ground Crew
James Villalobos Security
Hal Zesutran Security
Bill Davies Security
Eika Lumina Security
Hei Keiko Security
Kara Fletcher Cook
Benjamin “Geiger” Counter Cook
Former/Inactive Crew
Name Reason
Yumeko "YuYu" Takeda Player quit
Saito Miyoko Personal
Sanjuro Ashitaka Lack of time


The YSS Genesis is a Serendipity-class destroyer that was built as part of a test program, specifically designed to test new materials and systems developed by Origin by overdesigning a craft to its limits, and then going beyond. On top of the physical testing, it is also to be used to develop special tactics for use with Aetheric type weaponry.

Available Positions

The YSS Genesis is seeking the following: SAoY personnel: N/A Origin Personnel: N/A

Posting/Joining Requirements (OOC)

I require at least one post per week from my players, Preferably two or more. Players who are inactive for more than two weeks may be dropped, and players who do not post for a week may have their turns skipped.

Crew Quarters Assignments

Captain's Suite

XO Suite


A total of 28 crew cabins are available.

# Name 1 Name 2
1 Sierra Merkur N/A
2 Rüd Grülik Spencer William Franklin V
3 Brando Sinclair Steve Schello
4 Hideki Suomo Jesse Kobrak
5 Sumomo Futori Katerina Descou
6 Kotoko Hamadi Jane Toyomo
7 Kazako Shimei
8 Kin Nakamura
9 Shiori Tamari
10 Kail Tarrim
11 Trace Sinome Dakota Orven
12 Bixby Briggs
13 Chidori Yukaza Eika Lumina
14 Yuzumi Hibiya Kara Fletcher
15 Bridget Nova
16 Gatou Felimone Brendan Parksom
17 Lucas Storm Steven Bernardine
18 Yokoyama Omitsu]]
19 Kira Nagano
20 Vince Wyn Bob Nestel
21 James Villalobos Hal Zesutran
22 Bill Davies Hei Keiko
23 Adam Pascal Benjamin “Geiger” Counter
24 Evelyn Fritz
25 Masami
26 Shinon Maverick
27 Sanjuro Ashitaka
28 Tani Mako Saito Miyoko

Ship Inventory

The YSS Genesis carries the following supplies:


Medical Center

Hangar Bay


The Genesis can carry up to Two Shuttles

Powered Armor


The Genesis can generally hold up to 12 starfighters, though it can fit more of some smaller types, however, supplies and manpower limit the number of serviceable craft to twelve.

Ship Weapons

  • Aetheric Beam Cannon Array: 6 (3 turrets of two linked arrays)
    • The Genesis can fire no more than three shots (out of a theoretical 12) a minute without having power problems. 4-6 shots affects shielding efficiency and auxiliary propulsion. More than 6 attempted shots a minute can shut the craft down completely in an effort to keep the generators from overloading.
    • Up to 56 a minute
  • Origin Heavy Laser Turret 5, Tier 11, Medium Anti-Starship
    • Mobile


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