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Origin Heavy Laser Turret

The Heavy Laser Turret is Origin Industries' primary starship armament. Compact, flexible in application, tough, and reliable, the Heavy Laser Turret can be used on nearly any type of starship and provides everything from defensive screening to primary attack.



About the Heavy Laser Turret

The Heavy Laser Turret was one of the first weapons designed by Origin Industries, primarily to be used on starships, though due to its broad functionality it can be used in other applications as well. Primarily used as a mobile turret which can move about the hull of a spacecraft, it is also capable of being hard-mounted or even attached to a tether and used as a short range gun pod. The Heavy Laser Turret fires a blue beam of light that is capable of melting most types of metal and overloading shields1).

Nomenclature Information

Statistics and nomenclature information.


The standard appearance of the Heavy Laser Turret is a 2-meter cube with somewhat rounded edges and corners. There are two slots which run from the center of one side of the turret, up across the top, and down to the center of the other side of the turret. The actual laser assemblies will protrude from these slots when in use, protruding roughly 3/4 of a meter beyond the slots. When the laser assemblies are stowed, small armored doors close off the slots to protect the internals of the turret from damage. The bottom of the turret, though typically unseen, has numerous magnetic roller ball wheels which allow the turret to travel along the surface of a ship's hull as well as rotate. These wheels also facilitate the transfer of power to the Turret.

Discharge Information

Information on what is discharged from the weapon.

  • Projectile/Beam Appearance: The Heavy Laser Turret fires a bright blue flash of light; although it appears to be a single coherent beam it is, in fact, thousands of tiny pulses fired one after another.
  • Retort: When fired in an atmosphere, the beam can sometimes create a sizzling sound.
  • Effective Range 100,000 miles in an atmosphere, one light second in space.
  • Rate of Fire: Each laser assembly fires two shots per second, staggered with one another, for a total of four beams per second.
  • Recoil: There is no recoil.

Energy Source

Information on where the weapon gets its power.

  • Ammunition Power is supplied from the ship that the Heavy Laser Turret is attached to.
  • Purpose: Tier 9, Heavy Anti-Mecha
  • Round Capacity: Effectively unlimited.

Weapon Mechanisms

Information on how the weapon works.

  • Firing Mechanism: Power is supplied to the Heavy Laser Turret by the ship it is attached to. This power is converted into a high-frequency pulse of light which is focused several times by a number of high-precision lenses into a coherent beam which is then emitted from the front of the laser assembly.
  • Firing Modes: The Heavy Laser Turret can only fire short pulsed 'beams'. These beams can be fired alternately by either laser assembly, or both assemblies may be fired at the same time, but the overall firing rate will remain unchanged.


Primarily a mobile turret, the Heavy Laser Turret can be attached to a hard-point or even be modified with small thrusters and attached to a ship via a cable to allow it more flexibility.


  • Heavy Laser Turret: 8,000 KS/unit
Replaceable Parts and Components
  • Laser Assembly: 2,000 KS2)
  • Casing assembly: 4,000 KS
Optional Attachments
  • Thruster and tether assembly: 1,000 KS
  • Solid Base: Optional alternative to the standard mobile base, no price change.

OOC Notes

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