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Aetheric Beam Cannon Array

The Aetheric beam Cannon Array, or ABC-Array, is Origin Defense Manufacturing's first Aetheric weapon to be made, designed in YE 31

The ABC-Array consists of a main weapon body containing two mid-sized cannon barrels, which contain the equipment to incite an Aether event. The Arrays can either be fixed or placed on a turret, which increases their versatility.

The ABC-Array fires several kinds of distortion from the two barrels, unleashing Aetheric energy Potentials traveling at the Speed of light, which combine to form a single coherent beam. This beam, when observed, stretches the whole length of the weapon's range, tapering slightly near the end. Because this beam is based on the distortion of space to unleash Aetheric energy potentials, it is useful against every kind of shield and every kind of material, even harming the supposedly indestructible Zesuaium.

Upon contact with a target, all the Energy potential of any part the beams touch is released, causing an immense discharge of energy, often in the form of a large explosion. This Explosion can cause secondary damage, similar to the damage caused by Positrons.

This Cannon was initially designed for Use on the experimental Serendipity-Class Destroyer.

  • OI-X2-3100 Aetheric Beam Cannon Array
  • Primary Purpose: Anti-Starship
  • Secondary Purpose: Heavy Assault, Anti-Mecha
  • Damage: Tiers 13 through 15, Light Anti-Capital Ship through Heavy Anti-Capital Ship (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which)
  • Range: 150,000,000 km (About 1 AU or 93,000,000 miles)
  • Rate of Fire: Beam One Beam every thirty seconds.
  • Payload Effectively unlimited, so long as the ship provides power.
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Product NameAetheric Beam Cannon Array
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