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Origin Industries Pay Scale

Origin Industries has a rank-based pay structure that is similar to a military's ranking system. There are three different scales; the first is for corporate, commercial, and retail employees, the second is for ship-based crews and pilots of small craft such as mecha, shuttles, and fighters, and the third is for Origin Security Corporation.

Corporate Naval Security
Job Pay/Week Job Pay/Week Job Pay/Week
Managerial and Officer Positions
CEO 2000 KS
Senior Executive 1600 KS Admiral 1700 KS Major General 1750 KS
Executive 1500 KS Vice Admiral 1600 KS Brigadier General 1650 KS
Junior Executive 1400 KS Captain 1500 KS Colonel 1550 KS
Corporate Manager 1300 KS Commander 1400 KS Lieutenant Colonel 1450 KS
Regional Manager 1200 KS Lieutenant Commander 1300 KS Major 1350 KS
Senior Manager 1100 KS Lieutenant 1200 KS Captain 1250 KS
Manager 1000 KS Junior Lieutenant 1100 KS First Lieutenant 1150 KS
Junior Manager 900 KS Ensign 1000 KS Second Lieutenant 1050 KS
Associate and Enlisted Positions
Section Lead 800 KS Master Ship's Sergeant 900 KS Master Sergeant 950 KS
Senior Supervisor 700 KS Senior Ship's Sergeant 800 KS Gunnery Sergeant 850 KS
Supervisor 600 KS Ship's Sergeant 700 KS Staff Sergeant 750 KS
Junior Supervisor 500 KS Junior Ship's Sergeant 600 KS Sergeant 650 KS
Senior Employee 400 KS Senior Shipman 500 KS Corporal 550 KS
Employee 300 KS Shipman 400 KS Lance Corporal 450 KS
Junior Employee 200 KS Junior Shipman 300 KS Private First Class 350 KS
Intern 100 KS Shipman Recruit 100 KS Private 150 KS

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