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Operation Kōzan

Operation Kōzan was the Star Army of Yamatai's designation for its reconquest of HX-13 from the NMX in YE 34.

Operation Kōzan in Roleplay

:!: This plot is no longer active!

Operation Kōzan was a plot run by Game Master raz that started in October 2012. The roleplay mainly took place via SP with a focus on ground combat operations on a deadly jungle world and the enlisted soldiers who fought there.

JPs were scheduled per player interest.

Troop Roster

Rank Name Position Color Player Orders Notes
Heroes of Legion XII
Nitô Heisho Eikan Takeo (Taeko) Star Army Infantry NPC
Ittô Hei Suriyama Aoi Star Army Infantry Samuel First Fleet spotter, MIA
Nitô Hei Baek SeonJi Star Army Infantry Revolver
Santô Hei John Blair Star Army Infantry Warriorx1
Santô Hei Tamahagane Kaede Star Army Infantry ShotJon
Santô Hei Yamashiro Sakura Star Army Infantry Gunsight1 Wounded
Chui Sashiko Star Army Infantry NPC Platoon CO
Ittô Juni Archie Delacroix Star Army Infantry NPC Legendary chief
Santô Hei Ume Logistics NPC Dropship pilot
Former team members
Ittô Hei saito_takamori Star Army Infantry a former member Recalled to fleet

Available Positions

  • Infantry
  • Specialist positions

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