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Baek SeonJi

SeonJi is a player character played by Revolver.

General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: NH-29 Nekovalkyrja Height: 161cm (5'3“)
Gender: Female Weight: 53kg (116 lbs)
Age: 4 Measurements: 83cm-61cm-85cm
Employer: Star Army of Yamatai Bra Size: B
Occupation: Star Army Infantry Eyes: Red
Rank: Jôtô Hei Hair: Brown
Current Assignment: YSS Heartbreaker

Physical Characteristics

Description: A young nekovalkyrja with lightly tanned skin, a distinguished nose, and almond-shaped eyes. She has narrow shoulders, wide thighs and a prominent posterior.

Hair Color and Style: Her hair is kept mostly straight, with it curling around as it splays against her shoulders and collar.

Distinguishing Features: She bears the standard Ketsurui Zaibatsu manufacturer's tattoo and has cross-shaped pupils that give her, in her own words, “idol quality”.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: SeonJi is a cheerful, kind, and playful Nekovalkyrja who strives to be popular and liked by everyone she meets. With this sort of attitude she works to keep peace between others, even if she is sometimes clueless of the situation around her. Her great faith in others and overly trusting nature can also make her seem extremely naive. However, sometimes it gives her clarity that others might miss. SeonJi also has problems with easily getting lost without an IES, other system, or people to direct her.

Likes: Team sports, Seeing new places, Getting dressed up, Making friends

Dislikes: Stubborn grumps, Being scolded, Being picked last or ignored

Goals: To help protect the Empire and explore the galaxy


Family: Any other nekos produced by Ketsurui Zaibatsu with the last name Baek, according to official records. Most of these these neko were produced on Miyamae II in the Yugumo Cluster.

Service Record


  • Though she has shown some proficiency during breaching exercises in her time at Fort Ready, SeonJi has not had much time to differentiate her skills from the average Nekovalkyrja soldier.
  • During her time on HX-13 SeonJi displayed proficiency in close-quarters powered armor combat against the NMX forces and quick thinking in times of heavy stress.


Character Data
Character NameBaek SeonJi
Character OwnerRevolver
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Approval Thread…
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankJôtô Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Infantry
SAOY AssignmentYSS Heartbreaker

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