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Star Army Regulations

The following are the regulations (条令規則) of the Star Army of Yamatai.

Latest New Regs

As of 9月 YE 38, the following regulations shall be in effect:

1. Star Army personnel are prohibited from making unauthorized modifications to Star Army equipment. Ship commanders may authorize some modifications based on mission needs; however, under no circumstances can modifications include:

  1. Removal of the Star Army Hinomaru insignia, excepting when the SAINT logo is substituted for intelligence service assets
  2. Painting the equipment primarily in unauthorized colors (some color details are permissible but the general colors should be such that the item is clearly identifiable as a Star Army of Yamatai asset, such as glaucous hull paint, RIKUPAT, etc.).
  3. Modifications that would irreversibly change the item so that it could not be returned in its original condition.

2. Only Star Army of Yamatai personnel are permitted to possess or operate Star Army of Yamatai weapon systems or military starships, small craft, power armor, and vehicles. Star Army soldiers may not provide anyone outside of the Star Army with said equipment.

  1. For example, an SSS scientist temporarily staying on a Star Army ship to provide support should not be assigned a Mindy armor.
  2. You can't let your alien girlfriend joyride in the starfighter.

3. Star Army personnel may not engage in sexual activities for personal or financial gain.

4. The assignments of Star Army personnel are considered sensitive material and are not to be shared with the general public.

5. The minimum recruiting age for humans and human analogue species (Nepleslians, Geshrin, etc) is now 21 Yamataian calendar years.

As of 35日 9月 YE 38, the following regulations shall be in effect:

1. The rank of Shôshô, Chujo, and Taisho can only be achieved with the consent of the Empress of Yamatai and only by officers appointed to positions for which such rank is required.

2. For Taisho, these positions are:

  • Commander of the Star Army of Yamatai
  • Commander of a Fleet
  • Commander of certain fleet-scale organizations of the Star Army as detailed in Item 2.

3. Noting their size and importance, the following Star Army divisions shall be authorized one Taisho billet for their commanders:

  • Star Army Intelligence
  • Star Army Logistics
  • Star Army Personnel Command

4. The per-fleet caps of 30 Shôshô, and 100 Taisa are hereby repealed.

5. Officers leaving Shôshô, Chujo, and Taisho positions for reasons other than promotions, transfers, or reassignment to available positions must immediately retire from military service; in other words, admiralty ranks are tied to assignments and the Star Army does not keep admirals without assignments.

6. The minimum time-in-service to be promoted to Shosho, Chujo, or Taisho, is 9, 12, and 15 years respectively.


  1. Operate in accordance with the Star Army Creed
  2. Treat prisoners of war with dignity. See: Prisoners of War
  3. Create a continuing stream of colonization projects (Now handled by the Department of Colonization)
  4. Ensure the downfall of the SMX and Jaaq'tah
  5. #82 Armed Forces Reporting Act: To protect better inform and prepare the Senate and other parts of the government of the Yamatai Star Empire for any and all matters in relation to the Star Army of Yamatai, each year starting with YE 30 and continuing a least once each year after, the Star Army of Yamatai will issue a status report (Titled: “State of the Star Army of Yamatai, YE [current year]”) on the state of its the armed forces, its fleets, its overall morale, and its goals. The Star Army will not be required to provide classified data however. The report will be prepared and presented by an officer of a rank no less than Chui.


  1. A fleet may only have 1 Taisho, 11 Chujo, 30 Shôshô, and 100 Taisa.
  2. A fleet may not exceed 5,000 ships.
  3. The maximum permitted length, width, or height of any mobile starship or starbase is 25 kilometers unless special permission is obtained from the Star Empire.
  4. Soldiers may not be promoted by command more than 3 ranks at a time. e.g. Taii to Taisa.
  5. Soldiers may not be promoted by captains more than 2 ranks at a time.
  6. Promotions of officers Taii and above must be approved by Star Army Command or a Fleet Admiral
  7. The Star Army may discriminate on a basis of species, language, culture, social class, physical attributes, mental attributes, sex, and age so long as it is in the interest of promoting overall efficiency. However, it may not discriminate by race, religion, sexual preference, or ancestry.
  8. No starship or small craft shall be transferred outside of the Star Army without express written permission of Star Army logistics or Star Army command. This means there has to be an orders thread for such a transfer to occur. Any ship to be recycled at a depot must be rendered incapable of operation by removal or destruction of its power sources and propulsion systems.

Powers of an Officer

  1. An officer may confiscate needed items from the general populace.
  2. Orders of Star Army officers always take priority over civilian corporations' orders.

Regarding The Dead

“The remains of our people will be treated with honor and dignity by the military. In cases where the death is not final, such as when ST data is available, bodies will be recycled to their molecular components. For a final death, a funeral service is authorized and any violation of the remains is strictly prohibited except for medical investigations.”

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