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Star Army Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence Analyst is a career occupation and/or duty position of the Star Army of Yamatai that deals with information, analysis, and the clerical side of clandestine work performed by operatives. These soldiers can be easily recognized by their black occupational uniform color. The MOS code for this occupation is 03C.

Hedvig Mueller is an analyst assigned to Virgo Star Fortress.


The interpretation and application of information is a military duty older than the Star Army's foundation in YE 21. Star Army Intelligence — Yamatai's military corps dedicated to the collection, analysis, and synthesis of intelligence — was founded in YE 22. Today, analysts serve everywhere across the entire Star Army from the bridges of lone gunships and SCIFs aboard massive starbases assigned to the fleets, to intelligence shops within Rikugun infantry divisions and planetary installations across the Yamatai Star Empire and beyond.


Intelligence Analysts must be enlisted in the Star Army under a current Star Army Enlistment Contract and must have completed their basic training plus seven months of job training for this MOS. Analysts who aren't assigned to a Star Army Fleet or the Rikugun Legions and work directly for Star Army Intelligence must consent to and receive the SAINT Standard Conditioning Package.


The minimum rank for the Intelligence Analyst occupation is Santô Hei and the maximum rank is Taisa.

Soldiers who have been granted a warrant officer rank1) for their particular expertise in the intelligence field are referred to as Intelligence Specialists. Those who have attained the rank of Shoi are called Intelligence Officers and usually run departments of junior Intelligence Analysts and Specialists, or serve on the bridge of smaller starships.


Commonly assigned to starships of every size, Intelligence Analysts provide valuable information and insight to a situation that can be utilized by other officers, such as a tactical officer or a science officer. They tend to be trained in data mining and information gathering, research, critical thinking, and analysis.

Midori-class Scout Ship in SAINT livery. Chiaki-class Destroyer in SAINT livery. Azusa-class Light Gunship in SAINT livery.

They are expected to provide novel advice to their captain or unit commander, and might be called upon to do so under enemy fire. When assigned to the Rikugun, analysts are often called upon to interpret geographic information for the creation and updating of tactical maps. Intelligence Analysts employed as part of SAINT itself are generally assigned to the Fleet Intelligence Executive or Fleet Counterintelligence Executive with Yamataian Operational Military Intelligence.


Intelligence Analysts have all the Star Army Common Skills.

They should also be skilled in:

  • The analysis of raw intelligence provided to them.
  • Interrogative questioning to extract information from sentient beings.
  • The synthesis of multiple information and data sources into easily understood ideas.
  • Ensuring operational security with regard to intelligence and information under their responsibility.
  • Being prepared to think outside of the box and understand how an enemy might think both in and out of combat situations.
  • Knowing best research practices as to routinely familiarize themselves with adversaries of the Yamatai Star Empire.
  • Having a firm understanding of map reading and basic knowledge of cartography.
  • An ability to identify enemy equipment based on silhouette, sensors signature, or other information.

Player Expectations

The vast majority of an Intelligence Analyst's job is contained within the in-character descriptions above.

  • On occasion, at the direction of their GM, Intelligence Analysts might be called upon to transmit reports, updates, or other classified information from their ship or unit to Star Army Intelligence at the request of officers from the Executive Intelligence Directorate or Star Army Command.
  • A passing familiarity with the intelligence cycle is helpful.
  • Analysts are not operatives, but will certainly interact with their clandestine cousins from time to time.

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