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Director Of Star Army Logistics

The Director of Star Army Logistics (also called “Commander, Star Army Logistics”) is the head of Star Army Logistics, which is responsible for the Star Army of Yamatai's materiel sustainment and transportation needs.

Star Army Logistics Emblem

The Star Army of Yamatai is one of the largest, if not the largest, customer for a vast array of manufacturers and is also one of the largest manufacturers itself; therefore, Star Army Logistics and its director exert a massive influence on the Yamataian Economy.


Star Army Logistics was established in YE 22, creating this position.

By YE 301), Kawahara Opal became the Director of Star Army Logistics.

Chibi image of Kawahara Opal in her Star Army uniform

In YE 33, the director of Star Army Logistics conducted a corporate meet and greet event2).

In 9月 YE 38, the Director of Star Army Logistics was upgraded from a Chujo position to a Taisho position, based on its command of a large fleet of starships.

On 20日 5月 YE 39, Star Army Logistics moved its headquarters to the Central Fleet Depot3) and this is where the Director of Star Army Logistics typically works.


This is a unique admiralty position in the Star Army and is intended to be a Taisho position, which means that in order to apply for it, the position must be vacant or imminently vacant and the applicant must be a Chujo eligible for a promotion, which must be authorized by the Emperor or Empress of Yamatai and requires 15 years of service. Typically officers will apply to be Deputy Director of Star Army Logistics and the deputy will be promoted when the director retires. There is a low turnover for this position and the director will typically stay in this position until they retire or are dismissed by the commander of the Star Army of Yamatai.


This is typically a factional NPC position rather than a position filled by a player character.


The Director of Star Army Logistics has the following skills:

  • Military Logistics
  • Expert on contracts and business negotiations

Player Expectations

Players controlling this NPC should answer requests in the communications forums from fleet admirals and from lower-ranking supply officers.

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OOC Notes

Wes created this article on 2020/7/14.

Chibi Art by Raph

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