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Reikan Park

Reikan Park is located five kilometers north of Kyoto, it was created in YE 35. The park was created as a location to house the Embassies of foreign powers. The Reikan Park is a restricted fly-zone, only diplomatically flagged shuttles or emergency vehicles responding to a situation may fly over the park.

The park is ringed by a one meter tall wall, with decorative columns every 100 meters. The columns are two meters tall and the surfaces is adorned with bas-reliefs of Yamataian flora and fauna. The columns are part of the park security. Each column is equipped with an array of cameras (thermal, normal, and uv light), audio pickups, motion detectors, and sonar. The columns are also designed to project a force field to the adjacent columns creating a wall.

There is a 1 km width expanse of grass that goes around the interior providing a clear view for security, and ensures that none of the compounds abuts the edge of the park.

Note: Reikan means Inspiration in Yamataian.


With the winding down of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War and the emergence of various new races, a safe place for planetside Embassies to be set up was needed. That place became Reikan Park, which was opened in YE 35. Placing the park outside Kyoto proper was intentional, as they did not want to plunge visitors into the heart of the city, or in the palace areas.


The entrance is centered on the southern side of the park. The access road once inside branches to the left or right to help avoid congestion. The entrance has a number of security measures, first being the gates, backed up by a hydraulic barricade system.

During daylight hours the gates are open and traffic may enter freely. All vehicles go through a passive security scan. There is always a manned presence. After dark the gates are closed and are used as a checkpoint to monitor traffic.

Gate Security

The passive system scans for radiological, chemical, and biological hazards. It records the weight of the vehicle, and images of the vehicle and the occupants.


The access road to the park, leads into the civilian side of Kyoto.

The park covers an area of 20 km x 20 km. Access roads cross the park dividing it into seven rows of seven compounds. Structures may not exceed a height of 250 meters.

The access roadways between compounds are approximately 300 meters wide. There are sidewalks on either side with walkways that cross above the road to allow pedestrians to cross safely. The roads are dual lane with turn lanes near compound entrances. All roadways have a median that contains grass, decorative bushes and trees.

Air travel within the park restricted to official business vehicles only. Such vehicles may not fly over an embassy, except the owning embassy. They should fly over the roadways where possible.

Center Compound

The center compound contains a large conference center, and is surrounded mostly by a park, it features walking paths that lead around carefully manicured lawns, gardens, streams and water features. Yamataian yews and other trees provide respite from the sun, and park benches provide places to sit and relax.

Foreign Compounds/Embassies

Foreign nations can build their own structure, or have one built for them. Internal amenities and details are completely at the owning nations discretion. They are also encouraged to decorate their grounds with flora from their worlds; provided such are not invasive or destructive.


Each embassy is given a compound with a space of 2km by 2km. Each compound is considered to be the sovereign territory of the occupying nation. Reikan Park supplies the compounds with power, water, and sewage services. As a courtesy, each embassy is given access to the SYNC for public access.

Compounds typically have a short wall with a fence above it.

Specific Embassies

With in the park these are the current operating embassies:

Park Security

The Yamatai Security Agency is responsible for the security within the compound. However, their authority naturally stops at the embassy property. They monitor all traffic, vehicular and pedestrian looking for suspicious activity.

Security Response

In the unlikely event of an act of civil unrest, soldiers from the military side of Kyoto will be deployed to maintain the perimeter.

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