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Elysia Novus

Elysia Novus
The planetary flag of Elysia Novus. Owner Elysian Celestial Empire
Population1) ~3,100,000,000
Assets 3 Planetary Shipyards

Settled by the Elysians in AD 3989 (YE 18) following their defeat by the Army of Uesureya in the Third Elysian War, the third planet of the Elysia Novus star system - known as Elysia Novus in Seraphim and New Elysia in Trade - is the capital and (new) homeworld of the Elysian Celestial Empire.

The Yamatai Star Empire placed a global communications network of Emrys Industries EM-O3 "Hirakeru" Communication Satellites into orbit in AD 4007 (YE 36). Trinary Star Shipping, which has storefronts in all of the planet's major cities, is the primary provider of shipping services; lastly, Iemochi Applied Technologies - a subsidiary of Iemochi Innovations & Sales - has its headquarters located in Empyrean.

Since AD 4007 (YE 36), Elysia Novus has been part of the PAINT transit system. A Star Army of Yamatai-operated terminal with flights to Amatsu-Yamatai, Elysia Veteris every two hours can be found at the Diplomatic Institute in Empyrean.

More about Elysia Novus

The following section contains specific information about various aspects of Elysia Novus.


Elysia Novus

Elysia Novus orbits around the similarly-named star of Elysia Novus once every 252 days at a distance of one astronomical unit - equivalent to 149,600,000 kilometers or 92,957,130.3587 miles - and has a day that lasts 30 hours.


Elysia Novus

Elysia Novus is a pleasant planet, with most regions having a warm temperate climate. The most common terrain type is that of mountains, with forests coming a close second. Strangely enough, the planet only has two 'continents,' a single ocean, numerous seas of great size, and a vast number of variously-sized islands.

The temperature of Elysia Novus varies greatly in places such as at the planetary equator and the north and south poles; for the majority of the planet, however, the average temperature is between 14 degrees Celsius (57.2 degrees Fahrenheit) and 19 degrees Celsius (66.2 degrees Fahrenheit), getting colder as one goes higher up in elevation.

Elysia Novus once had indigenous fauna, however the Elysians have largely disposed of any that didn't fit in with the new ecosystem they brought with them from Elysia Veteris - hence the land is now occupied entirely by flora and fauna either introduced by or designed by the Elysians.

  • Climate Type: Standard Temperate
  • Minimum Temperature: -56.0 °C5)
  • Mean Temperature: 16.0 °C6)
  • Maximum Temperature: 55.0 °C7)


The capital of Elysia Novus is Empyrean and is by far the largest city on the planet, with the majority of the population scattered in smaller settlements that are typically based around a Patrician's estate.

Points of Interest


Given its status as the capital and homeworld of the Elysian Celestial Empire, the population of Elysia Novus is unsurprisingly composed almost entirely of Elysians, with the only exception being the roughly twenty thousand Yamataians stationed at the Diplomatic Institute.

AD MMMMX (AD 4010) Planetary Census Results

Planetary Information

Orbit Physics
Orbital Radius 1 Astronomical Unit14) Type Terrestrial (Standard Iron)
Orbital Period 252 days Radius 5,956.3 kilometers15)
Gravimetry Hill Sphere Radius 1,278,529.5 kilometers16)
Surface Gravity 0.96g17) Surface Area 446,000,000.0 kilometers218)
Escape Velocity 10.56 kilometers/second19) Land Area 205,000,000.0 kilometers220)
Rotation Mass 5.00 x 1024 kilograms21)
Axial Tilt 46.12° Density 5.65 grams/centimeter322)
Rotation Period 30 hours Physical Composition Percentage Element
Atmosphere 47.6% Iron
MSL Atmospheric Pressure 96.7 kilopascals23) 25.0% Oxygen
Atmospheric Composition Percentage Element 19.2% Silicon
74.4% Nitrogen 5.3% Aluminum
25.5% Oxygen 2.3% Other metals
0.01% Other elements 0.7% Other elements
Biosphere Hydrosphere
Biosphere Type Carbon-based Hydrosphere Composition Percentage Type
Lifeforms Flora and Fauna 55% Water
7% Ice

Planetary Map

The planetary map of Elysia Novus.


Angelus Novum

Elysia Novus has an unusually large satellite - called Angelus Novum - that is notable for being particularly reflective of Elysia Novus' rays.

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Places of the SARPiverse
Place Categoriesplanet
As of AD 4010 (YE 39).
508,281.6353 miles
5.8863 x 1030 pounds
9,620.3300 °F
-68.8000 °F
60.8000 °F
131.0000 °F
8) , 9)
This location is not accessible to tourists or most non-Elysians.
~2,005,700,000 Caelisolans
~620,000,000 Patricians
~471,200,000 Plebeians
~20,000 Yamataians
149,597,900.0 kilometers, 92,955,825.4800 miles
3,701.0732 miles
794,441.4055 miles
9.4176 meters/second2, 30.8976 feet/second2
172,201,562.7099 miles2
6.5616 miles/second
79,150,942.5012 miles2
1.1023 x 1025 pounds
0.2033 pounds/inch3
14.0207 pounds/inch2

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