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YSS Imperator

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Plot Overview

Imperator is a warship plot, going out with First Expeditionary Fleet's Division 3 to perform strikes at the Kuvexians in their territory. The crew must now go out and do their duty and with the Sharie Class's YSS Imperator as their weapon, they will defeat their foes at all costs.

Rules and Pacing

  • Pacing and posting expectations: Post between 5-7 days maximum, quality favored over speed.

Crew Roster and Cabin Assignment


Warrant Officers

Enlisted Personnel


Name Position Player Picture


Name Position Player Picture

Cabin Assignments

Many crew cabins are available. Enough for an entire page worth of just rooms. Seriously, this ship is big.

If your character isn't on the room list, feel free to grab an unoccupied room. If there are no open rooms, you will have to share with another player. Ask permission in the OOC thread or through PM.

Room Occupants Notes
Commanding Officer's Quarters Sutoikku Kaede
Stateroom 2 Araena Serphine Reserved for First Officer
Stateroom 3 Noboyuki Kita
Stateroom 4 Ise Momoya, Hasagawa Aimi
Stateroom 5 Suzuki Akina, Nozomi Akane
Stateroom 26 Fukugumi Ume
Cabin 1 Minami Anaii, Maki Asami
Cabin 2 Yamada Azumi
Cabin 3 Zaven Brax
Cabin 4 Yamasaki Ayane
Cabin 5 Shanota Oomorai, Arinobu Sutoraikā

Open Positions

  • Bridge Crew
  • Fighters / Power Armor





YSS Imperator is a veteran battleship with a veteran crew. Her service began at the tail end of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War and has since remained in service as one of the earlier built Sharies in the Star Army. Though she is old, she received a major refit in YE 35 following the Five-Year Review and returned to service by the end of the year.

While her time after the war has been relatively calm, in YE 39, she received transfer orders to the First Expeditionary Fleet to serve in what could only be a strike at the Empire's newest foe, the Kuvexians.

YSS Imperator has docked up in Hanako's Star at the Gemini Star Fortress to take on supplies and crew while awaiting final assignment and combat orders.

RP History

Mission One: Star by Star:

Division Three and Imperator encounter a L'Kor fleet of considerable size while performing force reconnaissance of Kuvexian Space. The Imperator scrambled it's fighter wings and intercepted incoming bomber wings with high efficiency. Following a destruction of the bombers, Avatar Squadron made torpedo runs on a selection of L'Kor Battleships, disabling all of them with the help of the Imperator's main battery. After the mission, the Imperator's CAG left for reassignment to the YSS Ultimatum, the flagship of the division, in exchange for their CAG.

Plot Audits

August 2017: 94 (A)

GM Info

Contact HAMnJAM.

Primary GM: HAMnJAM

Co-GM: Arbitrated

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