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Yamasaki Ayane

Yamasaki Ayane is a player character played by Immortal Cyan.

Yamasaki Ayane
Species: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33
Gender Identity: Woman
Year of Birth: YE 38
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Starfighter Pilot
Occupation Code: 13A
Rank: Nothing found
Current Placement: N/A
Plot: N/A

Physical Description

  • Height: 4’9”
  • Mass: 125
  • Measurements: 37(30G)-25-45

Standing at 4’9” and weighing 125 pounds, Ayane is a short and voluptuous woman with a heavily exaggerated hourglass profile and a set of thick thighs, accentuated by a plump, protruding rear. She has scarless skin, with a tan beige complexion shade. Her hair falls to the middle of her back and has a vantablack-shade and a straight texture. It is most often worn in a pompadour ponytail. She has thin and highly arched2) eyebrows, and her eyes are almond-shaped and wide set, with rare bright pink irises. Her nose is thin and is slightly turned up when viewed from the side. She has plump lips, but her mouth has a narrow width. Ayane’s jawline is strongly tapered towards her chin, which gives her face a heart-shaped profile. She has elf-style ears, which are human-sized, but are sharply pointed at their apex.



Yamasaki Ayane keeps herself out of social engagements, preferring to observe them from afar. During socialization training, Ayane never quite lost this trait, but her mentor, Hotaru-Shoi, gave Ayane the skills to proficiently socialize with individuals when required. One slightly annoying habit that developed as a side effect of Hotaru-Shoi’s mentorship during Ayane’s socialization training is the ability to genuinely laugh at anything mildly humorous. Despite her shyness, Ayane attracts attention when she laughs, because she is often the only person to laugh at a bad joke or an awkward social situation. However, due to her observant nature, Ayane is hyper-aware of social atmosphere, and does not exhibit this behavior during inappropriate social situations.

  • Likes: Observing social interactions, Flying solo, Music (Plays the Violin), Laughing
  • Dislikes: Flying double, Social interactions
  • Goals: Become an Ace Pilot, Earn a Commission, Become a Virtuoso Violinist




Created in YE 38 on Nataria at the Nataria Fleet Depot, Yamasaki Ayane underwent socialization training at Fort Ready. Shy, withdrawn, and observant, Ayane had extended difficulties with socialization training. During her first 30 days, when asked to report to superior officers regarding the details of required social experiences, Ayane instead gave reports of social interactions she witnessed, often reporting on her own extensive analysis of conversations. A training officer, Hotaru-Shoi, took notice of this tendency and discussed with Ayane about the possibility of a career as an Star Army Intelligence Operative. However, Hotaru-Shoi’s suggestion did little to motivate Ayane because of the career’s necessity for highly developed social skills. Subsequently, Ayane spent an extra 20 days in socialization trainings, because she consistently failed to directly engage in conversations. Ayane decided that she wanted to become a Starfighter Pilot on her 30th day of socialization training when she became enthralled at a fighter group conducting a training exercise in the atmosphere. Once again, she failed to pass her socialization requirements that day and was sternly reprimanded by a training officer (Hotaru-Shoi) who witnessed her observing the fighter formations. Deducing from her observations that Ayane would want to become a starfighter pilot, Hotaru-Shoi reminded Ayane that she would never fly if she did not pass socialization training. Driven by a refreshed resolve and a new motivation, with the constant assistance and encouragement of Hotaru-Shoi, Ayane completed a backlog of 25 days of socialization requirements in 20 days. During this period, Hotaru-Shoi and Ayane became close associates. Hotaru-Shoi introduced Ayane to the violin, and gave her student some beginning lessons. After Ayane finished socialization training, she performed to expectations in all phases of basic training. Having completed basic and socialization trainings, Hotaru-Shoi personally congratulated Ayane, and gave her kohai (informal student) a model of a Ke-V6-2A "Hayabusa II" Starfighter and an electric violin and bow. Ayane then went to Fort Hanako on Hanako's World to complete pilot training, distinguishing herself from her peers in simulations and trials.

YSS Imperator

For her first assignment, Yamasaki Ayane was stationed on the YSS Imperator. She was assigned a Ke-V6-2A "Hayabusa II" Starfighter and flew in the Avatar Squadron. During her first sortie, Ayane flew under the command of Truly Venus, her first CAG. Ayane earned seven marks in her first sortie, including a L'Kor battleship.

Skills Learned

Yamasaki Ayane has the following notable skills:

  • Music: Ayane can play the violin at a novice level. She practices frequently in her spare time by utilizing an electric violin and her wireless receivers to minimize disturbances.
  • Starship Operations: Ayane is a skilled and proficient fighter pilot. She has combat experience in the Ke-V6-2A "Hayabusa II" Starfighter, and the necessary training to operate all Yamataian starfighter craft in live combat with no supervision.

Social Connections

Yamasaki Ayane is connected to:

Combat Record/Medals

Confirmed Kills
Total 22
Mission One: Star by Star 1 L'Kor Battleship, 4 L'Kor Bombers, 2 L'Kor Starfighters (7 Total)
Mission Two: Going in Deep 2 L'Kor Shuttles, 1 L'Kor Starfighter (3 Total)
Mission Four: War Drums 12 Kuvexian Starfighters (12 Total)

Designated Vehicles/Armor

Inventory & Finance

Star Army Standard Issue Items.

Star Army Aerospace Flight Suit, Type 32

Electric Violin, Bow (Gift from Hotaru Sasaki)

Model of a Ke-V6-2A "Hayabusa II" Starfighter (Gift from Hotaru Sasaki)

YE 39 Finances

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3,000 KS Starting Funds
9,350 KS 6,350 KS 3 Months of Salary

OOC Information

In the case ximmortalxbeauty becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
See: Seductive Thin
Art by helloimtea

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