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YSS Freedom

YSS Freedom, NG-X1-411, was a modified Plumeria-class (2D) Medium Gunship built at Gemini Star Fortress by Ketsurui Fleet Yards in YE 30 for the Star Army of Yamatai's First Expeditionary Fleet. She was commanded by Chui Mutao Oka.

The remains of the ship are on the jungle/swamp planet in the HX-13 System.

A L O N E by Justin Ahn; Purchased artwork A L O N E by Justin Ahn 10/07/11; Purchased by Wes 10/27/11

Remains of the Ship

As of YE 32, scans showed the following:

As Eucharis carried out a high resolution scan, a volumetric diagram appeared in front of Hanako as layer by layer the crash site was analyzed and charted, showing pits and pieces of shrapnel and armor panels. The main piece of wreckage was primarily composed of the ship’s aft section running from about the main zero-gravity passageway to the tail of the ship. The dorsal surfaces were almost entirely destroyed, with the armory as a blown-out shell and the power armor bay in ruins. The detailed scan charted over 40 impact sites for enemy weapons, putting thin red lines on the diagram that showed the penetration. The only surviving portions of the ship were the flooded cargo bay and the medical center, which had been somewhat protected by the armory and its deep location. A few skeletons were visible in the scan.

YSS Freedom in Roleplay

In YE 31, while alone and conducting a transport mission from Kazumi to the South Gate, Freedom encountered force of four NMX vessels in the System HX-22 area. Damaged in the initial encounter, she was chased on and off, finally arriving in the HX-13 system where the enemy ships caught up with her. In a desperate last move, Chui Mutao attempted to ditch on the system's habitable planet. However, the Mishhuvurthyar ships pummeled the Freedom with so much fire that the ship's three upper decks were reduced to slag, destroying the armory, power armor bay, shuttle bay, main computer, and bridge. The ship hurtled to the surface, out of control. The survivors had to jump out, parachuting into the hostile jungle below…

FREEDOM DOWN was a joint-post based ground forces/survival horror plot run by Wes (“Character death is likely. Good ending is not guaranteed.”). It was open to players eighteen and older only. It was closed early due to poor attendance of JP times. JPs were once a week from 8:30pm to 10:30 EST on Wednesdays in IRC. Players were expected to attend at least 2 of every 3 JPs; players who missed more 2 or more JPs in a row usually had their character meet a terrible fate.


Since the plot began, the following major events occurred:

YE 31

  • YSS Freedom's survivors bailed out of the ship's cargo bay by parachute in 3 vehicles and a cargo container. It was night and raining heavily.
  • Upon escaping the low lying swamps, the survivors attempted to erect a camp. One survivor was eaten by a large carnivorous plant but was recovered.
  • An artillery strike destroyed the camp and vehicles. Almost all of the survivors were injured. The attack was followed by sniper fire.
  • As morning (and fog) came in, the rain let up. A group of native humans took the survivors to a camouflaged village where their injuries were treated. The natives had found the Freedom's ration crate and using it provided food to the survivors.
  • The survivors agreed to join the tribe, with Marcus marrying the daughter of the chief to secure the deal. The survivor learned of the Mishhuvurthyar presence on the planet.
  • Signals detected by the survivors indicated an NMX presence in the “Great City” to the north and along a highway.
  • The survivors learn that a SAINT agent has been arming the villagers and helping them avoid the NMX.

YE 32

  • YSS Eucharis accepts a mission from Star Army Intelligence to find and rescue any YSS Freedom survivors.
  • YSS Eucharis captures a live transponder system from an NMX Scout just before it self-destructs. Eucharis uses it and a volumetric disguise to impersonate the scout ship and enter NMX-controlled space and goes to the planet's surface, rescuing three crew members of the YSS Freedom.

Surviving Crew and Passengers

This is a list of persons that were able to evacuate the YSS Freedom before it crashed.

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