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Minkan Abilities

This page contains details on the abilities of the Minkan (NH-31).

Base NH-31 Abilities

This section contains information that is common to all NH-31's

Note: As with other NH Series lifeforms their regenerative abilities prevent them from using cybernetic implants. It also prevents them from scarring.


The NH-31 Minkan boasts a lifespan of approximately 125 years, barring unnatural death. Their physical appearance only starts changing around their 75th, when they start showing signs of aging.

Cardiovascular system

The NH-31 Minkan is equipped with a complete cardiovascular system. This includes a high efficiency four chamber heart. The typical resting heartbeat for a NH-31 is 40 beats per minute. Major blood vessels have a built in fail-safe to reduce the chance of bleed out. When severed the vessel will twist and constrict at the damaged point pinching off the blood flow.

Internal respiration

The NH-31 is equipped with a pair of engineered lungs for supplying oxygen to the body. Typical rate of respiration is 8 - 10 per minute.

Solid Bio-Metabolism

A NH-31 Minkan is equipped with a robust metabolism that makes them nigh impervious to disease and toxins. They process food much better than a human, which means they do not require as much food. NH-31's require only 1/2 of the food a human needs, and produces 1/2 of the waste products that a human would for eating that much food. They can however eat as much as a normal human but this means that they will produce more solid waste than they would eating what they actually require. To maintain optimum performance it is important for a NH-31 Minkan to stay well hydrated. Typically a NH-31 Minkan will sleep about six hours a night. If necessary, a NH-31 can stay awake for up to three days before being impaired.


The NH-31 Minkan is equipped with a pair of engineered kidneys. Under normal circumstances they perform the same function as they do in humans. They have a second mode which is to purge the blood stream of harmful chemicals. This mode causes them to release a number of counter agents. This includes a drug that breaks alcohol in the blood down into a harmless form.

Enhanced Senses - Eyesight

NH-31 Minkan normal eyesight is typically equal to that of a human. However NH-31 can use its hemosynthesis to adapt its eye in the following ways:

  • infrared vision - see out to sixty feet based on heat
  • ultra-violet vision - able to see clearly at night by starlight

It takes three seconds to change from one vision to another

Enhanced Senses - Hearing

The NH-31 Minkan just as with their earlier model can have a variety of ear designs. These are the ones currently available.

  • Human-style: normal human
  • Neko-style: The distinctive neko-ears are more than just fuzzy and cute; they are sensitive, can move to perceive sounds in three dimensions and even their small hairs can help gauge wind speed and humidity.
  • Elf-style: Allows the individual to pick up sounds from a greater distance, unidirectional

Digital Memory

The NH-31 has a computer-like mind that allows them to store information in an organized recording of video, audio as well as the documentation of thoughts and data. Through telepathy, they can share information, transferring to other NH-Series, computers or even portable media.


The NH-31 has the ability to speak mind to mind via telepathy. This is different than the wireless communications. NH-31 can control the range of their telepathy out to 48km or 30 miles. Telepathy can be used to transmit their thoughts, and sensations. As such it is considered a somewhat intimate form of communications.

Telepathy has three modes of operation, there is private which is done touching. This form of communications cannot be intercepted. The second mode is unidirectional line of sight; this requires the NH-31 be able to see the recipient. This form of communication can be intercepted if someone passes between the two.

The third mode is omni-directional, as such it is a general broadcast and anyone with telepathy can intercept the message.

Minkan can encrypt their thoughts, but the person they are sending to must have the encryption key.

Wireless Communication

The NH-31 also have the ability to project or perceive wireless transmissions over a range of 250 kilometers (155 miles) as easily as it would be with vocal speech. A NH-31’s computer-like mind can encrypt their transmissions to make them undecipherable by anyone but the intended recipient. NH-31 can transmit text, audio, and/or video. This feature also allows them to download information from any Psionic Signal Controller equipped device.


The NH-31 Minkan are equipped with sweat glands, this allows their body to maintain optimum operating temperature when subjected to elevated temps.


The NH-31 Minkan has a skeletal structure designed to make their bones twice as strong as the typical human bone. This is due to a decrease in the size of the medullary cavity.


In the NH-31 bones is where the blood cells, and the nanomachines. When the body is damaged, production of both is increased.


The NH-31 series spleen is where old blood cells are taken to be absorbed by the body and it where the body stores a supply of hemosynthetic fluid with a high concentration of nanomachines. In the event of serious trauma to the body, this supply is forced into the blood stream to help repair the body.

Sense Electrical Activity

The NH-31 hand is sensitive enough that it can sense electrical activity. Strong electrical activity can be sensed up to a distance of twelve inches, weak electrical activity at three inches.

Increased Strength (Base)

The NH-31 Minkan is stronger than the NH-22C Yamataian NH-31 has an impressive strength. It is possible a Minkan to carry up to 125 kilograms of weight in 1G (275 lbs).

Improved Agility

The Minkan possesses a slightly higher than normal agility. They can easily move with a grace and balance of a dancer.

Internal Hemosynthesis Capabilities

The Minkan can recover from severe physical trauma thanks to a host of nanomachines whom saturate their bloodstream. This allows them to regenerate wounds, restore organs and even regrow limbs, the process taking as long as 72 hours to restore a crippled NH-31.

Base Inertia Controlling Ability

NH-31 like other NH-Series possesses the ability to manipulate gravitational, electrostatic and magnetic forces to allow them to propel themselves in zero to two gravities. They can hover around up to speeds of about 55 kilometers per hour (35 mph) in any direction.

NH-31 Minkan (Upgraded)

NH-31 Minkan who enlist in the Star Army of Yamatai, receive an upgrade which includes the following.

Increased Strength (Enhanced)

Upgraded Minkan are given enhanced muscle density. This gives them the ability carry up to 175 kilograms of weight in 1G (385 lbs). This extra muscle capacity tends to give them more muscle definition.

Inertia Controlling Ability (Enhanced)

Upgraded Minkan are equipped with the ability to manipulate gravitational, electrostatic and magnetic forces to allow a NH-Series’s body to self-propel itself in zero to two gravities. They can hover around up to speeds of about 110 kilometers per hour (70 mph) in any direction.

Somatic-Projection Interlinked Neural Ensemble

Upgraded Minkan are equipped with the SPINE; a spinal column augmentation that allows them to mentally interface with properly equipped equipment. This makes it possible for the Minkan operator to control an armor or a vehicle as if it were their own body thanks to near-total neural immersion in the system being used.

SACN Access Nodule

Upgraded Minkan have their Wireless Communications and SPINE capabilities upgraded with the SACN Access Nodule. The encryption nodule is necessary to access the Star Army Communications Network. Without this nodule the only access to the SACN the NH-31 would have is unclassified. The SACN Access Nodule is a component in the Type 33 Star Army Communications Network Encryption System. If the nodule determines that the NH-31 has lost its clearance, it is considered compromised and the discharge protocol will be triggered.

Discharged NH-31 Minkan

The Upgraded NH-31 Minkan have a built in discharge protocol, this removes the security access, and reduces them to base NH-31 strength. This process is performed when a NH-31 exits the military. It can also be initiated by a number of specific conditions.

After leaving the service NH-31 Minkan retain the following upgrade:

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