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Kaiyo Sword

When the YSS Kaiyō went into another universe's dimension, it took blood, sweat, and tears to get the crew back to where they belonged. It also took a bit of finagling the main weapon array and Aether Generator and a Transuniversal Teleportation Drive from the other universe they were in to create another rift in space. When they got back to Yamatai (Planet), the Kaiyō was indiscernible from the ship it once was and was decommissioned. The crew moved on to the Kaiyō II, a Fuji-class Expeditionary Gunship, but these swords were made to commemorate the time they spent on their ship. They are manufactured by Ketsurui Zaibatsu and first produced in YE 39.

More about Kaiyō Swords

The blade of the sword is made from the hull of the Kaiyō itself. Thus, it is Zesuaium and especially tough and durable. The Monomolecular Edge of the sword means that the molecules of the edge are forged to perfection. This sword also has the extraordinary benefit of being Massive in nature. Because of this, it requires someone of great strength to wield it unarmored, but a power armored individual may wield it while in combat, as well, with efficacy. This Power Blade utilizes Aether and a Rechargeable Battery, which means this blade destabilizes matter when it comes into contact with it.


Below is the DRv3 Tier of the Kaiyō Sword:

SARPv3 Tier: 3


The hilt should be good for one hand or two hand usage, not TOO long, be bluish grey that is lighter than the blade underneath and blue wrapped clothe in the traditional Yamataian fashion. The tsuba should have the same wave formation as well as the outline of the Kaiyo I. here should be a charm of that ship too hanging from the hilt with a blue flower shaped like a Kikyo bellflower.The primary colors of the scabbard, hilt, tsuba, etc should be the same blue, light grey, some white.

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