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Ketsurui Chiaki

Ketsurui Chiaki (or Aki for short) is the fourth daughter of Ketsurui Yui born immediately before the end of the Fourth Elysian War. She assisted Shoki (posing as Ketsurui Chiharu) in her task of negotiating the Elysian Peace Treaty before they both went on various adventures. Chiaki is currently working as a mercenary and is noticably less visible than her other sisters by virtue of not serving in the Star Army of Yamatai like the rest of her family.

Ketsurui Chiaki
Species: NH-33 (Eihei)
Gender: Female
Date of Birth 1 JAN YE 25
Height: 5'4β€œ
Weight: 105lbs
Organization: Ketsurui Clan
Occupation: Mercenary/Adventurer

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'4”
  • Mass: 105 lbs
  • Measurements: (32B) 34-22-33

Build and Skin Color: She is a slender young woman with a pale skin tone.

Eyes and Facial Features: As a self-cloned daughter of Yui, she bears the same facial features of her mother, including the blood red eyes.

Ears: Flesh colored nekovalkrya ears with no fur.

Hair Color and Style: Deep green streaked with black, cut in an asymmetrical layered style that falls to her chin at the longest layer. example

Distinguishing Features: She is a self-cloned daughter of Ketsurui Yui

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Chiaki is extremely aggressive, violent, and stubborn. She revels in finding the next big thrill which just so happens to be β€œhunting the most dangerous game” at the moment. She very much believes that the end justifies the means and will go to the most violent extremes without thinking of the consequences.

Despite her mean spirited nature, she is loyal to her clan and will do anything for them. The few times that she does seem to be at peace are when she is with her family and when she is on a mission/job.

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