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Sally Ee'ith

Sally Ee'ith is a player character played by Littlewasp.

Sally Ee'ith
Species: I'ee
Gender: Sterile Female (Worker)
Age: 17
Height: 4 feet, 5 inches
Weight: TBD
Organization: The Ee'ith Family
Occupation: Ambassador

Preferred Plots:

  1. N/A as of yet

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 4 feet, 5 inches
  • Mass: TBD

Build and Skin Color: Yellow/black Carapace

Eyes and Facial Features: Black Compound eyes.

Hair Color and Style: Black Fuzz

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Having chosen to be an ambassador, the speciality of her family, Sally picked a human name that she hoped would come across as disarming. Like most I'ee workers, she has a strong, familial loyalty; one that she wishes to extend to other intelligent species. Her fervent desire for peace can make her quite naive and oblivious to danger, which is the main reason she was paired with her sister Yui upon leaving her family space.

  • Likes: Xenology, exploration, family, exotic fruit juices.
  • Dislikes: Deception, intrusion, manipulation.
  • Goals: Establishing peaceful relations with alien species.


Family (or Creators)

The Ee'ith family


As an I'ee worker, Sally's history has only really just begun. Having matured to the age at which she could choose a career, she studied extensively in Xenology with her relatives in the Oo'tut family. Upon returning home, she declared her intent in becoming an ambassador for the I'ee and was trained by some of her older sisters. After a few years, Sally had chosen a name for herself, and was given a small, ambassador craft to enter alien space with. Her warrior sister, Yui, was assigned to protect and accompany her on her journey.


Sally and Yui's first foray took them in the general direction of Yamatai. Upon reaching the Shekhinah system the two ambassadors were surprised to find their relatives from the Thoot family already present, busying themselves by exploiting the local asteroid belt. At first, this was a pleasant surprise for the two Ee'ith, who spent a couple of days interacting with their relatives aboard the impressive Thoot mothership. The third day brought a troubling portent: the Thoot had detected an alien craft drifting slowly in their direction, and while at present they had no problem with it, the Ee'ith knew that could soon change if the ship did not change course.

Hurrying off in their tiny vessel, the ambassadors intercepted the vessel and examined it, discovering it to be derelict. By this point, it had drifted well into the Thoot's territory, unable to heed the automated warnings broadcast to it. Soon after, a patrol craft full of enraged I'ee arrived, driven to a near-blood lust by the perceived intrusion, and took both the derelict and the Ee'ith vessel aboard.

With the possibility of a sleeping occupant not entirely ruled out, Sally argued at length with the angry Thoot miners, eventually convincing them to let her explore the interior. While Yui guarded the entrance, Sally explored the interior. The derelict turned out to be a Vekimen vessel sent out in a desperate bid to find help for their people, with the lone occupant, Edtoto, still alive and well.

Ecstatic at having discovered a species of alien yet unknown to her people, Sally began to communicate extensively with Edtoto, whose natural affinity for linguistics allowed her to quickly pick up on the Trade language. With Sally losing track of time, Yui struggled to hold back the increasingly impatient and infuriated I'ee outside, eventually entering the vessel in pursuit of her sister. The Thoot in the hangar bay began to turn their mining equipment and other heavy machinery upon the Vekimen craft's hull, literally tearing it to pieces around the three inside. Edtoto fled deep into her ship in search of weapons, while Yui, having found her sister, dragged Sally out of the beleaguered craft despite her protests.

A battle erupted in the hangar bay when the Vekimen fugitive emerged from her ruined ship, weapons in hand, and began to defend herself against the horde of insectoid aliens. After a brief correspondence with Sally, Yui was convinced to at least try and save Edtoto's life, and began to assist the Vekimen in fighting off the Thoot. While Sally fired up the little Ee'ith sphere, Yui dragged Edtoto; now wounded by an I'ee's sting, into their ship just as more of the crew were arriving.

With freedom in sight, Sally flew their ship out into open space and narrowly avoided the approaching Thoot fleet by making an emergency FTL jump. The Ee'ith ambassador's first mission was already too exciting for her to cope with, but unfortunately, that was not due to change…


While sheltering near Shekinah's star, recharging their Alcubierre drive for another jump, the tiny I'ee vessel happened to meet with the YSS Heartbreaker, a Yamataian vessel following the trail of Uesu's fleet through the system.

Eager to procure the assistance of the Star Army, Sally made contact with the Heartbreaker and explained their situation, warning the Yamataians just in time of the Thoot menace. Deeming the Ee'ith ship's passenger to be of potential value, the Heartbreaker came to their assistance, fending off the vastly outgunned Thoot ships until the three fugitives could be rescued.

With new information gleaned from the records stored on Sally's ship, the Heartbreaker found a new lead in the UX-HB-3 System, while Sally, Yui were transferred to the YSS Seisenkyo. Having parted ways with their new friend, Edtoto, Sally and Yui arranged for a transfer to the YSS Soyokaze for its latest mission. The intent being that the fairly simple mission, coupled with living on a Star Army vessel, would make for a valuable experience in diplomatic relations for both of them.

Nothing is ever that simple, of course!

Return to Ee'ee

Following their adventure upon the YSS Soyokaze, Sally and her sister Yui were allowed the use of a Yamataian Kuma shuttle craft to return home. Learning that the entirety of the Ee'ith fleet had been deployed to a location in deep space, Sally and her sister moved to rendezvous with their family. By chance, the YSS Heartbreaker was also en route to the same location, resulting in a joyous reunion for the two I'ee.

The I'ee fleet and Heartbreaker were both investigating the same object: Namely, the Vekimen asteroid base that contained the last of their kind, as well as a dangerous infestation of virulent parasite Mishhuvarthyar. While Sally and Yui rejoined the crew of the Heartbreaker, the Ee'ith fleet provided support in the form of a rear guard to the Yamataian away team. Soon after, contact with the Vekimen survivors was established, and a means of rooting out infected individuals was devised. The Vekimen species was saved just in time.

With their job done, the Heartbreaker and the Ee'ith fleet set course for Ee'ee, arriving shortly after the return of the Joint Technology Expedition and its newly acquired allies from Uso's Star Organisation. With the threat of a rogue NMX fleet roaming the Ee'ee system becoming more apparent, the three groups joined forces and destroyed the Mishhuvarthyar threat in its entirety. Afterwards, Sally and Yui returned home, along with their alien friends, for some well deserved R&R.



Her primary area of expertise, and a study that she has spent half of her life upon. Yamatai, Nepleslia, and other political entities of human origin are what she is most knowledgeable of, and comprise the areas of space that she is exploring. Her knowledge of other alien species is primarily limited to biology.

Alien Politics and Culture

An off-shoot of her Xenology studies, but the most important skill set in relation to her task. With several years of careful study under her belt, Sally has become quite competent at understanding Yamatai and Nepleslian culture, politics, and the differences between them.

Starship Operations

Both Sally and her guardian Yui are trained in piloting their ambassador space craft. While not well equipped for combat, they are knowledgeable of effective evasive maneuvers and ramming trajectories.


Sally Ee'ith has the following items:

  1. Translator Implant: A brass-coloured socket implanted in the back of the skull. When connected to an appropriate speaker system, it can translate thought into speech in any language the user knows.
  2. Emotional Display Mask: A small LED display, roughly the size of a mouse-pad, worn upon the face and held in place with several straps. The mask possesses an array of simple, stylised facial expressions that can be displayed to convey emotion, controlled by the translator implant.

OOC Discussion

Work in Progress! Please give feedback!

Character Data
Character NameSally Ee'ith
Character OwnerLittlewasp
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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