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YSS Soyokaze

the Soyokaze plot has run for over year now It has battled NMX and has battled disease. With the ship moving ever forward The golden path is laid behind GM Yoshi


A fresh ship from the shipyards The Soyokaze and her crew move out to protect those who can't protect themselves and banish the dragons back to the edges of the maps.

Latest news

New Task Force, New Players, New Commander.


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None at this time.

Posting Rules

  1. All members of the plot are expected to post as often as the plot permits…
  2. …and at least once every three days. Do not wait on another player to post for more than 3 days.
  3. If a member is going to be absent or cannot post as often as required, he/she should contact the GM beforehand.
  4. Players who have not posted in more than 3 days may have their characters' actions posted by the GM to keep the plot moving.
  5. Players who have not posted in more than 7 days, without any notice to the GM, may be removed from the RP.
  6. When the GM sends out player surveys, responding in a timely manner increases your character's chances of being promoted. Failure to respond is the opposite. Participate! Survey answers help the GM guide the plot and improve RP!
  7. Keep the Setting at a max of Rated R, no descriptions of sex for example. Violence is fine just don't let it get too descriptive… No blood on the camera :P

Audit Scores


Month Year Grade
April 2014 92%
August 2014 81%
January 2015 102%
April 2015 92%
January 2016 90%


OOC Notes

This page was originally created on 2014/03/21 18:24 by Yoshi.

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