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YSS Eucharis Plot

The Eucharis plot takes place aboard the Plumeria-class gunship YSS Eucharis, continuing the legacy of previous plot-ships including Nozomi, Sakura, Plumeria, and Asamoya. It is run by Star Army's founder, Wes, and is his flagship plot for the site. It opened December 19, 2007, and has been running for over 11 continuous years.


Plot Overview

Born and bred for war, the starship Eucharis carries its small crew to new adventures and dangers. She is a unique ship with a dedicated captain and crew. Her missions range from simple exploration to fleet combat and special ops-style infiltration. Its Game Master was Wes.

This plot closed in May 2019 primarily due to Wes being busy with his baby.

For open positions on Star Army plots see Characters Wanted.

Plot Rules

  1. Eucharis is moderate-paced. Try to post at least once every 2-3 days.
    1. Don't wait for more than 3-4 days for someone else to post.
    2. If you take more than 5 days to post, the GM may post for your character to keep the plot moving.
  2. Please let the the GM know in advance if you're going to be absent for any significant length of time! This keeps us from waiting on you!
  3. If you haven't posted in more than a two weeks your character becomes subject to removal by the GM.
  4. If you stop posting for your character in the middle of a battle that could be fatal for them.
    1. The Eucharis has mind-backup and cloning technology to “respawn” fallen crew members.
  5. Please keep OOC in the OOC thread, with the exception for “post notes” like translations of what the alien said, etc.

Current Events

After traveling for months and far away from home, the YSS Eucharis encounters a damaged machine planet that is besieged by opportunistic salvages, Rixxikor squatters, and the hostile remains of vast robot armies. At its core is a vast computer containing a sleeping artificial intelligence. The Eucharis sends down a team to investigate….

For the Eucharis's history, see the ship's page: YSS Eucharis.

Awards & Testimonals

The Eucharis has earned awards both within the community and from other roleplaying communities:

  • In 2011, Star Army members voted Eucharis as having the year's Most Disturbing Scene. GM Wes was voted 2011's Best Editor, Most Active Game Master, Most Knowledgeable Staff Member, and Most Addicted to Star Army.
  • In 2012, YSS Eucharis was the winner of the 2012 Simulation Cup's Outstanding Original Sim award 1).
  • In 2013, Eucharis won Best Original Sci-Fi Sim in the 2013 Tournament of Simulations2).
  • In 2014, Eucharis won Excellence in Prolificness award of the Simulation Cup 3).

Tournament of Simulations

YSS EUCHARIS has been awarded the BEST ORIGINAL SCI-FI SIM in the 2013 Tournament of Simulations! 43 RPs entered, including at least 3 other Star Army plots, and each was evaluated and scored by 3 of about 12 judges. Thanks to all the great effort you guys have put into this plot, we came out on top of our category! It's an honor, and it's the second time we've got an award from the Tournament of Simulations (in 2012, we won Outstanding Original Sim). What a great present for our 6th anniversary! This is Star Army's flagship plot and I couldn't do it without such an awesome crew (IC and OOCly). Keep up the good work and get in some social development before we get back in action in 2014 (YE 36). As always, if you come up with a suggested plot arc, send it my way and I'll see if I can work it into next year's adventures. Congratulations, Eucharis!

Squddie Award Nomination

Thank you for this great nomination we got for the 2013 Squiddie Award:

“The Eucharis is, in my opinion, one of the bests plots within SARP. It almost always has a full player base which allows for a more in depth role playing experience. The GM is always quick to throw in more things for the characters to do, combat for them to get involved in, and daring missions for them to complete. The tasks given to the crew are some of the most unique that are seen on the site. Recent missions have been to infiltrate an enemy “Nest” via its waste storage unit (that got interesting), to locate and rescue a duplicate of the ships’ Captain because when the Captain was thought to have died they made a new copy from a memory backup however the previous wasn’t actually dead, and to deliver political refugees to a faction that had rebelled from the Lorath and seceded only to find that the rebel separatists had been ethnically cleansed by the Lorath. Lastly, the plot facilitates lots of character development through spouts of downtime, usually occurring around the Christmas/New Year’s season. This allows the characters to do whatever they please without fear of an incoming mission. This year’s activities by the crew include such things as shopping sprees to the mall, courting between two of the crew members, visiting home and family, technologies designing, personal ship building, etc.”

The Eucharis did not win because Star Army (the whole site) won the award that year.

Roleplay Review History

The following are this plot's scores from roleplay reviews (plot audits).

  1. March 2008: 77 ( B )
  2. April 2008: 91.5 (A)
  3. May 2008: 101 (S)
  4. August 2008: 100 (S)
  5. September/October 2008: 102 (S)
  6. November/December 2008: 99.25 (A)
  7. January/February 2009: 96.5 (A)
  8. March/April 2009: 102 (S)
  9. May/June 2009: 102 (S)
  10. July/Aug 2009: 93.75 (A)
  11. September 2009: 94.75 (A)
  12. April 2010: 97.5 (A)
  13. January 2011: 101.25 (S)
  14. April 2011: 104 (A+)
  15. January 2012: 105 (A+)
  16. April 2012: 105 (A+)
  17. August 2012: 95 (A)
  18. January 2013: 95 (A)
  19. April 2013: 95 (A)
  20. September 2013: 94
  21. September 2015: 100/100
  22. January 2016: 100/100

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