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Cyclops Heavy Combat Mecha

The Cyclops heavy combat Mecha is a heavy combat mecha developed and manufactured by Osman Heavy Industries for domestic use, as well as foreign export. It is comparable in firepower to a main battle tank, but is more maneuverable and less expensive to maintain.

About the Cyclops

The Cyclops is OHI's first combat mecha, and is designed to take a massive beating and dish out just as much as it takes. However it is not designed for solo operations, and can be overwhelmed easily if it does not have a partner or support from other forces.

Key Features

The Cyclops uses the same inner frame as the Oxen, with high power servomotors as well as some pneumatics as a skeleton wrapped in artificial muscles interlaced with strands of Liquid Ally all wrapped in Liquid Ally, forming what looks like a skin over the ‘muscles’.

Advantages & Drawbacks

The Cyclops is an inexpensive alternative to other high maneuverability armored platforms, and is very flexible by virtue of having a humanoid form factor. It’s also heavily armed with built-in weapons, and has the capacity to hold other weapons in its hands. However, the Cyclops is big and heavy and is easily outmaneuvered by anything more nimble than a main battle tank when it isn’t using its flight pack.


The Cyclops began initial designs shortly after Osman Heavy Industries created it’s first mecha design, the Oxen, and began mass production in early YE 40. It was the first combat capable design the company had produced, and saw success in foreign markets as well as some success locally.


The Cyclops maintains OHI’s signature boxy style, and takes roughly the form of a stout humanoid with thick boxy arms and strong looking legs. The only outstanding features of its appearance are its namesake head, which houses a monocular style sensory array.

Statistical Information

  • Crew: 1 pilot.
  • Maximum Capacity: 1 pilot
  • Passenger Capacity: One
  • Width: 3 meters.
  • Length: 5 meters with flight pack extended, 1.9 meters with flight pack
  • Height: 11 meters.
  • Mass: 45 tons.


  • Ground speed:
  • Running: 50 km/h
  • Skimming: 80 km/h
  • Air speed:
  • In atmosphere: 500 kph
  • Zero atmosphere: .2 C (Maximum speed. Acceleration is not completely instantaneous)


The Cyclops is not FTL capable without aftermarket equipment.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Tier 8, heavy armor.
  • Tier 8, heavy shield.


The cockpit of the Cyclops is identical to that of the Oxen, with a full body harness tucked away above the pilot, instrumentation on the front of the console. There are viewscreens on the left and right of the cockpit's interior, and the main forward monitor (which is located on the inside of the main hatch) has a smaller rear viewscreen above it. Pedals rest below the console, and two joysticks atop it. The entire console and seat assembly can slide forward to allow boarding.

Getting In and Out

The Cyclops is boarded by either climbing from a gantry into the seat, which slides out from the cockpit after the main hatch opens, or by riding up a mechanically retracting line with a stirrup on the end of it, which allows the pilot to enter and exit the craft without a gantry.

Onboard Systems Descriptions

Most of the systems that the Cyclops uses are open source parts whose blueprints were acquired from local freespacers and the USO itself.

Weapons Systems

The Cyclops mounts two Hardsell coilcannons in each arm (tier 6)

There are two universal pulse lasers located in the shoulders for point defense and use against soft targets (tier 3)

Main Weapon

The main weapon of the Cyclops is a built in artillery cannon which fires 133mm HEAAP shells.

  • Purpose: Anti-Armor
  • Damage: Tier 9 in a radius of 7.5 meters
  • Range: 100,000 meters (100 km) out of atmosphere, 60,000 meters (60 km)in atmosphere 2) 3), 25,000 meters (25km) at ground level 4)
  • Rate of Fire: 10 rpm
  • Ammunition capacity: 60 rounds per magazine

When firing the weapon, the thrust pack folds back and allows the mecha to brace against the ground, turning it into a tripod for additional stability when firing.


The Armor of the Cyclops is made out of layers of thin modular plates of Usonium which coat the body. Layers are used to reduce armor penetration and to provide more defense against energy weapons via ablation. Plates are easy to replace, which makes it easy to repair so long as there is no damage to the internal frame of the machine.


The Cyclops uses conformal electromagnetic and gravitic shielding. This is the ideal type of shielding for it, because it uses less energy than a bubble shield, allowing more energy to be devoted to sustaining the shield through damage, allowing it to take an unexpected amount of damage before going down.

Often, Cylopses can take damage that should by all rights take them down, but will survive because of their power generation system being able to devote so much energy to their shields.

Power Systems

The Cyclops is powered by a single open source hyperspace tap generator which is fully hooked up to a coolant system for optimal operation. Coolant is cycled through laser chambers which cool it to near its freezing point in order to maximize cooling performance and keep the hyperspace tap running cool, allowing more power to be drawn.

An interesting effect of this system is that the more power the Hyperspace tap draws, the more it can cool itself down, allowing a single tap to produce the power output of several.


The Cyclops is too heavy to achieve in atmosphere flight without wing surfaces, so a solution was created in the form of the thruster pack, which folds out to allow flight.

The Cyclops' propulsion system is provided by a Gravity Augmented Ram Drive which is piped to the thrust pack.

It is capable of hovering in place on a planet, and maneuvering in the same manner as a hovercraft, albeit an extremely unwieldy one. It is also capable of VTOL and STOL takeoff procedures.

Sensors and Computing

The Cyclops is equipped with an optical sensor inside its head, hidden behind the monocular eyepiece on its head. It also has a small radar array located within the head. Additional equipment such as subspace radar as well as magnetic, gravitic, thermal and sensors are located in its chest, in a compartment behind the pilot’s seat.

There is a secondary optical sensor embedded in the top of the chest, just above the entry hatch.

Computing power is provided by a cluster of scale datapads inside the console block.

Additional Equipment

The Cyclops can carry additional equipment in its hands, and stores two extra magazines for its artillery cannon on its waist.

OOC Notes

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Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesmecha
Product NameCyclops Heavy Combat Mecha
ManufacturerOsman Heavy Industries
Year ReleasedYE 40
Price (KS)42 ,000.00 KS
Mass (kg)45,000 kg
This price is relatively low because of the low performance/specs of the mecha in every area besides its main weapon
Direct fire is only possible until the horizon. However, this is an artillery cannon, so firing beyond the horizion is technically possible if the craft is stable enough in the air or the firing solution is really good. GM discretion should be used when players are firing beyond the horizon.
Firing while in flight would be incredibly difficult
Direct fire is only possible until the horizon. However, this is an artillery cannon, so firing beyond the horizion is within the normal bounds of its operation. GM discretion should be used when players are firing beyond the horizon.

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