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ECS Panopteles

The ECS Panopteles is an El-S1-2a Panopteles-class Explorer serving as an independent unit in the Elysian Celestial Navy. It is the home of the ECS Panopteles Roleplaying campaign.

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The ECS Panopteles - along with her slightly younger sister ship, the YSS Anoiktos - were both constructed at Elysia Novus in AD 4005 (YE 34) to fill the need for a relatively inexpensive high-speed, mid-power, and low-defense attack vessel in the ranks of the Elysian Celestial Navy; after the Panopteles was revealed to be even less combat-capable then expected during her trials, however, the fate of the class was placed in jeopardy - that is, until an initiative to scout out the Eudokia system as part of a broader plan to relocate the Elysian homeworld was proposed three years later in AD 4008 (YE 37). Being the slightly newer of the two vessels, the Anoiktos was added to the Star Army's Tenth Fleet - becoming the YSS Anoiktos in the process - and dispatched to the Elysian Expanse; unfortunately, however, the ship suffered a catastrophic loss of aether reactor containment shortly after entering the arriving at Eudokia, causing the Panopteles to be grounded indefinitely as it underwent thorough inspections, additional diagnostics, and extended spaceworthiness trials that lasted until AD 4011 (YE 40), at which point it was mothballed at the Elysian Naval Arsenal until further notice due to bureaucratic delays and budgetary cuts caused by political gridlock in the Elysian Senate. In the final month of AD 4016 (YE 45), however, the Panopteles was abruptly reactivated and recommissioned due to the powers-that-be of the Elysian Celestial Empire realizing that they needed a vessel to finish charting the Elysian Expanse so that it could be colonized in order to solve the Empire's many rapidly-growing societal issues (such as crime, overcrowding, and economic stagnation, to name a few).


Like her dearly departed sister, the ECS Panopteles is a long and thin craft covered in the opalescent-hued scale armor common to most Elysian military vessels.

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The ECS Panopteles hasn't been modified… yet.


The crew of the ECS Panopteles is a mixture of personnel from the Elysian Celestial Navy and the Star Army of Yamatai.

Rank Name Occupation Color Player Orders Type Notes
Lokhagi Ramiel Aemilia Captain - Frostjaeger - NPC
Chui Konichi Kiyo First Officer White.png Frostjaeger - NPC
Duplicari Benhisel Lightbringer Tactical Officer - Soban PC
Semeai Arcturus Mavenbolt Biotechnician - Arbitrated PC
Semeai Gaius Mavenbolt Biotechnician - Arbitrated PC
Semeai Scaevolla Gallo Science Officer - Frostjaeger - NPC πŸ“
Semeai Faustina Nardi Doctor - Frostjaeger - NPC
Shoi Alexia Asellio Starship Operator Gray.png club24 PC
Shoi Icarus Asellio Starship Operator Gray.png club24 PC
Shoi Araquiel "Samandriel" Zarall Tactical Officer Gray.png Bloodyscarlet PC
Shoi Emiko Amaterasu Science Officer Green.png Lizalopod PC
Semeai Puriel Fabia Cook/Logistics Specialist - Frostjaeger - NPC
Semeai Lucilla Mondadori Chief Biotechnician - Frostjaeger - NPC
NitΓ΄ Hei Euanthe Bellicius Technician Red.png Frostjaeger - NPC
Semeai Teshiel Kisnarna Infantry - Soban PC
Semeai Gratiana Di Pasqua Logistics Specialist - Frostjaeger - NPC
TBD Taharial Chasan Medic Teal.png Bloodyscarlet PC

Cabin Assignments

The two officer's quarters and six crew quarters are all conveniently located on Deck 1. The officer's quarters are intended for one person (though, courtesy of their queen-sized beds, can easily fit two in the event of battle damage and/or romantic liaisons); the crew quarters, however, can only comfortably sleep one person each.

The first deck of the ECS Panopteles. Engineering
Cabin 5

Cabin 6
Cabin 3 Cabin 4
Cabin 1 Cabin 2
CO's Cabin XO's Cabin
Elev. 1 Elev. 2
Cabin Guide
Room Occupants Notes
CO's Cabin Ramiel Aemilia & Benhisel Lightbringer
XO's Cabin Konichi Kiyo & Euanthe Bellicius & Gratiana Di Pasqua
Cabin 1 Puriel Fabia & Scaevola Gallo
Cabin 2 Faustina Nardi & Lucilla Mondadori
Cabin 3 Emiko Amaterasu & Taharial Chasan
Cabin 4 Alexia Asellio & Icarus Asellio
Cabin 5 Arcturus Mavenbolt & Gaius Mavenbolt
Cabin 6 Araquiel "Samandriel" Zarall & Teshiel Kisnarna


The ECS Panopteles uses a one-in-two watch system.

Time Watch
0000-0700 Alpha
0700-1200 Beta
1200-1700 Alpha
1700-0000 Beta
Position Alpha Watch Beta Watch
Command Ramiel Aemilia Konichi Kiyo
Engineering Lucilla Mondadori & Arcturus Mavenbolt Euanthe Bellicius & Gaius Mavenbolt
Medical Taharial Chasan Faustina Nardi
Mess Hall Puriel Fabia Gratiana Di Pasqua
Science Emiko Amaterasu Scaevolla Gallo
Starship Ops Icarus Asellio Alexia Asellio
Tactical Benhisel Lightbringer Araquiel "Samandriel" Zarall


A link to an article detailing the ship's inventory will go here once it exists.

OOC Notes

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