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Taharial Chasan

Taharial Chasan is a character played by Bloodyscarlet.

Taharial Chasan
Taharial Chasan
Species: Elysian, Caelisolans
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Height: 5'7“
Weight: 38.6 kg
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: 08 Medical
Rank: Ittô Hei
Current Placement: Operation La Prossima

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'7”
  • Mass: 38.6 kg
  • Measurements: 36D-26-35

Build and Skin Color: Taharial has a voluptuous build with what looks like small muscle mass, she has a lot more strength than her body let on. Her skin colour is porcelain in colour and never seems to get tanned.

Eyes and Facial Features: Taharial has thin almond eyes with a deep red colour to them that looks like a ruby mixed with a fire. She has a heart-shaped face with a small button nose and natural lips which normally have a black lipstick on.

Ears: Taharial has slightly pointed ears that are small.

Hair Color and Style: Taharial's hair is blood red and long reaching to her lower back and she normally ties it up into a ponytail and tied in place by a strip of black velvet,

Distinguishing Features: Taharial has dyed her wings to match her hair so they where blood red in colour, she also has a tattoo on her stomach of a sword with black wings attached to the hilt, it was situated to the left side of belly, the centre of the tattoo level with her belly button

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Taharial likes to do everything her own way, she will follow the rules and what she is told but she will always find her own way to do it, she is quite flirty to all no matter of gender, and likes to joke around with friends. Her whole personality changes though if there is a Patricians with them, she becomes more respectful and a lot more shy, she normally plays with her hair and waits to be spoken to.

  • Likes: music, spicy foods, friends and blood
  • Dislikes: bullies, fake people, cold and big animals
  • Goals: Taharial wants to find rare plants that can be used to make better medicines


Family (or Creators)

Taharial family is the Chasan family which have all been soldiers, she has gone against what her family does by being a medic.

father: Kathiral Chasan (Deceased)

mother: Amaniel Chasan

has no brothers or sisters


Taharial had a hard childhood, she was born and lived in the poorer part of Empryrean. Her family weren't there for most of the time she lived at a home because her family was on duty, they only earned enough to live though not to get anything special. She was an only child and never really fitted in with others her own age, when she became of age she joined the Star Army of Yamatai, and went to the Star Army academy which annoyed her family because her family has always sided with Elysian in the wars, they hate Yamatai even though they are at peace with them, Kathial and Amaniel's daughter joining the star army of Yamatai was a massive insult to there ancensters. She believes in the 'Great Creator' like the rest of her race but doesn't really take an interest in politics saying its all the same bull, she says she doesn't care who runs the race as long as she isn't near when it goes wrong.

At the academy it was hard for her at first then it became easier as time wore on, she loves the Yamatai culture and social structure more than the Elysain culture and social structure but would never tell anyone that she thinks that. Her first couple of medical exam went so wrong she was earned the nickname “the butcher” even after she became a good medic with good skill the nickname stayed and makes it harder for her to get a job as a medic.


[Mission 22] Echoes of the Past

Taharial joined the Eucharis as her first placement, she wasn't even settled when she was told she needed to head to the away team there she helped Akiashiro Aikiko as the area disrupted the power armour, after sorting out the solider she went into the caves with the others, as they explored they started to be attacked by unknown crystal being some of the crew suffering wounds. As the crew retreated Taharial has asked if one could get a part of a creature so she could study it, she was allowed and they made there final escape from the caves but things got weird from there as the tunnel system they investigated shifted and became a weapon targeted at the Eucharis.

Taharial had 'ordered' the wounded team members to her location and called for a (7-Line) Request For Medical Assistance hoping that Tsuguka Toyoe didn't lose too much blood. It took couple of minutes for the shuttle to reach Tsuguka Toyoe then collected Taharial, who spent all the time on the shuttle trying to get Tsuguka Toyoe's heart beating stronger, as the two on the shuttle had stopped the bleeding for her.

While on the ship again she was tending to Tsuguka Toyoe and put the part of the crystal creature in storage, that was until a crushed Dirjon Ulvson came into the Med Lab and her focus was on him until he became stable. Taharial talked with Tsuguka Toyoe and when they awoke Dirjon Ulvson as well. She asked Hanako if she could experiment on the Nightmare Type in the Eucharis and was allowed.

[Mission 22.2] Echoes of the Past - Part 2

The next day the team had changed to one of the other planets in the system and Taharial was sent on the away team and was working with Tsuguka Toyoe going into an unknown derelict ship, they communicated with the Rixxikor who wanted a ride off the planet. When they entered derelict ship they were thankful for the helmets as the air was thick with foul odors, Taharial left Tsuguka Toyoe to go and stop the others from what she found out later was blowing up the ship and got yelled at by Hanako that she was needed in the ship to help Samael Darkfire who had been attacked by the Rixxikor.

After this she went around searching around the Med Lab wondering what there was here, when Samael Darkfire she tried to joke with the new person but he didn't seem to understand it and start to frustrate her slightly. Suddenly the ship jolted and after a few minutes one of the crew clad in power armour came running in with a unconscious Bjarnison Sigurd who had flew into nearly non existent atmosphere and needed to be help quickly, after this Taharial just sat around writing notes for what she called the 'Nightmare Neko'.

[Out of RP]

Taharial had left the Eucharis for a few months as she returned home to see her dad on his last week of life, with this happening she didn't return to the Eucharis until she felt calmer and was ready to work, she was accepted back to the family and her father's last day of life and her mother was so happy that they could of been a proper family again, even is was for one day but now she had her daughter back and even happier.

[Mission 24]

Taharial stayed out of everyone's way, when she returned until she was needed to enter a Rixxikor ship but even then she was rushed around and just kept a look on everyone's vitals to make sure that they were alive, when she had returned to the ship she had preformed a autopsy on one of the insects with help from Wazu.

[Out of RP]

Taharial decided to spend the time to try and become a doctor. She went back to the academy and worked hard to gain the qualifications to become a doctor with the Star Army. She enjoyed her time doing as she learnt more about medicine and her interest in unique species. Going into the specialisation of Biology and xenobiology, to do what she loves to do which is making sure that she can heal anyone that comes to her

As she was going to school she also visited home more and strengthened the bond with her family as she told them about her goals and what she has been doing. While doing this every so often the Star Army called her to come back and check up on ships and with others as more of an ambassador or purely a doctor and not just a member of the Star Army.



Taharial loves to dance, she will do it any time she can as long as she is on break, she loves to joke around with others either by pranks or jokes.


Taharial knows how to survive in hostile environments. She can build shelters, hunt and forage for food, build a fire, etc. Taharial can camouflage herself and is familiar with guerilla warfare tactics.


Taharial knows how to diagnose and treat conditions, apply first aid and emergency care, and perform field surgery/general surgery if given the proper tools/facilities. Taharial knows how to work in and use hospital equipment.


from Halloween competitions

  • Stack of Car Tires
  • Bunch of Backpacks and Bags
  • 12 pack of Damuisa (Energy Juice) Cherry
  • A Umatsa (robe) in the person's size in gray with silver trim, an embroidered patch with the person's government on it.
  • An Umatli (kilt) in the person's size in dark red with silver trim.
  • 1 stuffed toy, cat with curled grey horns. Tan with spots with violet eyes.
  • Candy Qaktoro, chocolate with blood (cherry syrup) filling.
  • Pouch containing 1,000 Gold octagonal coins Odawina.

Taharial's Mcas

Part Type Part Number Info
Core Ke-M10-F3301 paladin core
MCAS Armor Sets Ke-M10-A3301 Armor SP: 8
Electronics aies only available package
Helmet Mindy 2A
power systems Ke-M10-G3100 Aether Generator and Capacitor System
MCAS Propulsion Systems Ke-M10-3100 Speeds: .375c, 2,500c
Back Module Ke-M2-W3000 General Equipment Pack Provides a large storage area for mission specific equipment that is required to be transported in a secure environment. The option to equip this with stasis-like additions or other enhancements is supported
L Forearm Ke-M2-D3000 Forearm Ellipsoid Shield
R Forearm Ke-M2-W2902 Forearm Weapons DR: Tier 5
L Shoulder Ke-M2-W2906 Shoulder-Fired Missile Pod DR: Tier 7
R Shoulder Ke-M2-W2906 Shoulder-Fired Missile Pod DR: Tier 7
L Leg Ke-M2-W2908 Offensive Augmentation Pods DR: Tier 6
R Leg Ke-M2-W2908 Offensive Augmentation Pods DR: Tier 6
Handheld Weaponry|Handheld Ke-M2-W2913 Aether/Scalar Submachine Gun Bladed


Taharial Chasan is currently a Nitô Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
4500 KS 1500 KS Jun pay
6000 KS 1500 KS Jul pay
7500 KS 1500 KS Aug pay
9000 KS 1500 KS Sept pay
10500 KS 1500 KS Oct pay
12000 KS 1500 KS Nov pay
11150 KS 850 KS Presents and Dye
1150 KS 10000 KS Custom Mcas
2900 KS 1750 KS Jan pay
4650 KS 1750 KS Feb pay
6400 KS 1750 KS mar pay
8150 KS 1750 KS Apr pay
9900 KS 1750 KS Sept pay
11650 KS 1750 KS Oct pay
13400 KS 1750 KS Nov pay
15150 KS 1750 KS Dec pay
Character Data
Character NameTaharial Chasan
Character OwnerBloodyscarlet
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationSood Zadra
PlotsECS Panopteles Plot, Sood Zadra (Plot), YSS Sakura II Plot
Approval Thread…
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankIttô Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Medical
SAOY AssignmentYSS Sakura II
DOR YearYE 43
DOR Month1

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