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Ke-M2-W3000 General Equipment Pack

Based off the Gauss Cannon Backpack Extension, the General Equipment Pack is a more modular, more general pack designed to hold a variety of ammunition types or basic gear with minimal fuss. A Durandium-sheathed module, it has several configurations that are set as the pack is attached to the Mindy.

  • Gauss Cannon Extension: Holds 60 additional rounds for the shoulder mounted Gauss Cannons. Can be attached to either or both shoulder mounted cannons and will auto-load when synced up.
  • General Equipment Pack: Provides a large storage area for mission specific equipment that is required to be transported in a secure environment. The option to equip this with stasis-like additions or other enhancements is supported.
  • Missile Pod Reserves: For shoulder mounted missile pods, holds 40 additional MSAP or 30 additional SOOW rockets. Missiles can be manually removed to rearm leg mounted launchers.
  • Weapon Storage: In situations where the shoulder mounts are needed for other duties, it can still be advantageous to carry around additional hand=held weaponry. This backpack module provides rack space for any two compatible hand-held Mindy weapons.

Entered service: YE 30

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