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The MiniMoto is a small, economical two-wheeled motorbike made by Origin Motor Corporation.

About the MiniMoto

The MiniMoto is a small lightweight two wheel drive electrically driven fusion-powered motorbike, intended as basic transportation for one to two people and a small amount of gear. Designed with ease of use ergonomics and durability in mind, the MiniMoto is clean and economical, utilizing a miniature fusion reactor as a power source which gives it an astonishing range for such a small vehicle.


The MiniMoto was designed in YE 45 to fill the role of a small, lightweight and affordable personal transport for individuals who either can't or don't want to take public transport options, as well as to serve as a simple pleasure vehicle. It was heavily tested to insure safety, reliability, and capability, as well as to ensure that the price was kept down but the quality kept up.

Statistics and Performance

  • Organizations Using This Vehicle: Various
  • Type: Commuting
  • Class: Motorbike
  • Nomenclature: OI-K17-1A
  • Manufacturer: Origin Industries
  • Production: Mass-produced
  • Riders: 1
  • Maximum Capacity: 2
  • Max load: 230 Kilograms
  • Price: 500 KS

Appearance: The MiniMoto consists of a wide U shaped frame, which has wheels under both ends. the front wheel is attached via a set of forks that connect to the top of the U, where there is a set of lights, a windshield, and handlebars. the rear wheels attach with a swingarm that is mounted to the bottom of the U. the rear of the U has a large cushioned seat which protrudes toward the center of the U, and hanging off the back is a set of trunk boxes, a storage rack, and the rear lights.

Colors: The MiniMoto can be ordered in nearly any color for an extra 25 KS. Standard colors are Black, Origin blue, Origin green, and Purple.

Minimoto Front Angle
MiniMoto Rear Angle
MiniMoto Front and Rear


  • Length: 1.8 meters
  • Width: .5 meter (Handlebars) .25 meter (Body)
  • Height: 1 meter (Windscreen) .7 meter (seat)
  • Weight: 50 Kg unloaded


  • Max Speed: 120 KPH
  • Range: Approximately 5,000 Km per fuel bottle
  • Lifespan: 5-20 years, depending on care.
  • Maintenance Cycle: annually.

Vehicle Systems

While fairly simple, the MiniMoto still has several systems which allow it to function as intended.


  • Handlebars: The bike is controlled Via a set of handlebars, which includes front and rear brake levers, a twist grip for the throttle on the right hand grip, and small switches to control the lights and turn signals.
  • Starting and Security: The MiniMoto comes with a wireless key fob which will automatically activate the bike's systems when in close proximity. This prevents people from driving off on the bike without a key. Additionally, the fob activates or deactivates a handlebar lock to prevent the handlebars from turning if the key fob is not nearby. The Key Fob's signal can be synced to most types of communicators, allowing a rider's communicator to be used in place of the fob.

Miscellaneous systems

  • Lights: The MiniMoto has a full set of head and tail lights, allowing it to be driven safely at night, as well as turn signals, so that other vehicles can have some warning as to what the bike is doing.
  • Cargo Boxes: The MiniMoto has two collapsible Trunk Boxes which allow for the safe carrying of cargo. These boxes are 250mm long x 250mm tall x 50mm wide when collapsed, but can expand to 150mm wide, which gives approximately 9 liters of capacity per box.
  • Cargo Rack: Located on the rear fender, a 200mm by 150mm cargo rack allows for oversize objects, or an additional aftermarket cargo box, to be attached to the bike.
  • Underseat Storage: A cavity beneath the seat allows for the storage of a helmet, or a similar volume of cargo.
  • Kickstand: A simple metal tube with a foot on one end, and a pivot on the other, with an internal spring to maintain tension, the kickstand allows the bike to be stored upright without needing to lean it against another object.

Computers and Electronics

The MiniMoto uses a simple solid-state computer which processes inputs from the hand controls and produces the desired outputs. this computer also manages a number of sensors as well as a simple display that contains a speedometer, a range indicator, as will as light and signal annunciators. this computer also manages the power system and battery charging. The computer also includes wireless connectivity for Security, diagnostic and adjustment purposes.

Propulsion and Power

  • Propulsion: Built into both wheel hubs on the MiniMoto, are a pair of high efficiency, brushless electric motors which feature regenerative braking. These motors work in tandem to maintain traction in various conditions, which makes the MiniMoto safer than a typical rear drive only motorycle. These motors are more than powerful enough to move the MiniMoto along at a full load, but are speed limited for safety purposes.
  • Power: The Minimoto uses a combination of a HONEY PUNCH fusion generator and a set of solid-state batteries in order to provide power to the electric wheel motors. The HONEY PUNCH operates intermittently, automatically charging the batterie once they hit 10% capacity, and shutting off once they reach 100%. In this manner, the typical 'one week' fuel supply can last months on end or even longer depending on usage.

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Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesvehicles
Product NameMiniMoto
ManufacturerOrigin Industries
Year ReleasedYE 45
Price (KS)500.00 KS

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