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Senator A. Winsbury

Senator A. Winsbury is an NPC controlled by GM Luca who appears in the Yamataian Senate.

Senator A. Winsbury
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Organization: Yamataian Senate
Occupation: Senator
Rank: Back Bencher
Current Placement: Yamataian Senate

Character Description

Senator A. Winsbury appears to be Nepleslian man in his early 50's. He has gone bald and shaved the rest of his hair while maintaining a clean shaven face. His facial geometry is stern and angular, and his brown eyes are set deep into his head, giving his eyes a shadowy appearance. His nose is button-like, and he has prominent laugh lines around his mouth. In spite of his sinister-looking appearance, he comes across as a kind hearted, if conservative man. He is noted to have some early age spots around the temples of his head.

His major points when it comes to his politics are, in no particular order:

  • World Rebuilding Efforts
  • Peace between Nepleslia and Yamatai after reparations from both sides are paid evenly
  • Career Incentives for Civilians and Veteran Soldiers
  • Disarming Nekovalkyrja during Peacetime, funnelling them into the above issue
  • Keeping Nekovalkyrja classified as a Tool rather than a Species
  • Preventing Yamatai from going to Civil War (since that'd be bad for his family and job prospects)
  • Putting a lid on 'mercenary' activity in Yamataian space

Strangely, he refuses to disclose the rest of his first name, and always signs off as β€œA. Winsbury”. Only close friends and his family know his full name. 1)

History and Relationship Notes

A. Winsbury has a wife, Brianna Winsbury (51, nee Roving), and four children: Marcus (18), Augustus (16), Helen (14) and Manfred (12). They migrated from Nepleslia a year before Nepleslia's uprising into independence. This left Mr. Winsbury with some conflicted thoughts over betraying his own race for the sake of his career and the safety of his family. He clears his conscience by enjoying the company of his family and trying to get the Nepleslian brand of freedom across the table in the Senate, to ensure their futures and the futures of other simple families across Yamatai.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Trade, Yamatai-Go and Italian.
  • Humanities: A. Winsbury enjoys coming to even compromises rather than one-sided deals.
  • Leadership: A. Winsbury is a well spoken orator and diplomat.
  • Domestic: Loving husband and father of four.
  • Fighting: Has a pistol, knows how to use it and never wants to use it.


Senate Wear

  • Briefcase
  • Thin, black-rimmed spectacles.
  • Three Piece Suit, black
  • Crisp white shirt
  • Black office shoes
  • Green Tie with a single diagonal silver stripe
  • Handmade green Beanie (for colder days)
  • .45 Calibre Pistol (never been fired, always kept unloaded, magazine in a separate pocket)

Home Wear

  • Lilac jumper, cashmere
  • Brown casual slacks
  • Green Loafers
  • Tortoiseshell reading glasses
Character Data
Character NameA. Winsbury
Character OwnerLuca
Character StatusNPC Available for GM or FM use
Current LocationKyoto
His name is Argus Winsbury

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