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The Galactic Shipping Agency

The Galactic Shipping Agency was formed in YE 41 as an intragalactic transport company. The goal of CEO Jonathan Serptine was to allow for quick and easy transport of anything and everything across the universe, with no restrictions.

About The Galactic Shipping Agency

The Galactic Shipping Agency was formed in YE 41 by Mr Jonathan Serptine, with the goal of providing a way for people to transport anything from anywhere to anywhere. The Company allows shipping of anything.


β€œFrom east to west and north to south, GSA is always there.”

General Information

The Galactic Shipping Agency
CEO Jonathan Serptine
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Product Symbol GS


The Headquarters of GSA is located in a high rise office building in Kyoto.


The GSA holds warehouses at various major starports around the galaxy, with the purpose of holding goods for later transport. Many of these warehouses also hold small security crews employed by GSA to protect their goods. These same security crews ride on all GSA flagged ships.


The Company has two major divisions, Management and Logistics.


Logistics is in charge of deciding what routes ships should take in order to be most efficient. Logistics is headed by Mr Benjamin Jonstien.


Management is in charge of making sure the company runs smoothly from both a financial and public relations standpoint. Management's primary duties are to secure shipping contracts and ensure there is enough income to balance expenditure.


GSA does not make any products, they merely offer affordable delivery services, from anywhere to anywhere.

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