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This is a roleplay plot created by Demibear focusing on the Giretsu Century of the 75th Legion and the YSS Yukikaze to bring the concept of the Giretsu Infantry to life. As such the focus of the plot will be both powered armor infantry and day to day life as a crewmember and member of the Giretsu. But have the flexibility enjoyed by other plots such as the old YSS Eucharis Plot plot and Kaiyล plot.

Forum Link
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Game Master Demibear
Pacing 1-2 times a week is ideal
Number of Players 1
Accepting Players Yes
Joining Requirements Speak with Demibear

Plot Overview

Attached to Task Force 501's YSS Yukikaze, G/75 launches off in the aftermath of the Third Battle Of Nataria with one simple mission, to strike fast and strike hard at the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia.

RPG Rating

Banzai!! has a rating of 2/2/3

  • Language: Swearing is generally permitted, with some limitations.
  • Sex: Sexual content is permitted, with some limitations.
  • Violence: Graphic violence is permitted.

Current Players and NPCs

Open Positions

The Banzai plot incorporates both Rikugun and Uchuugun (Fleet) elements. As such, a wide variety of positions are available to plays. The majority of NPC currently listed are just representations of numerous faceless members that keep both running. As such all positions are open, but I am especially looking for:

  • Infantrymen
  • Scientist
  • Ship Operator
  • Technicians (Combat Engineers and Ship Engineers)
  • Medics

Methods of Play

The primary means of playing in the plot is Play-by-Post. But Joint Posts is also available, though the GM does live in China at the moment. Conflict of time is likely to happen.

Current Episode

Past Episodes

OOC Notes

Demibear created this article on 2020/01/23 01:09.

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