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Ypperlig Café and Izakaya

Ypperlig Café and Izakaya is located in Kyoto near to the SANDRA Headquarters and serves a small variety of specialty Coffee and Sake.


Ypperlig Café and Izakaya was founded in YE 43 immediately following the bankruptcy of a bar on the same location. Lars Ando purchased their espresso equipment which he had been maintaining for them, and acquired the lease on their property. Lars Ando recognized that he had no business management experience, so he founded the Ypperlig Café Worker Cooperative to make the business decisions, of which he and all employees are members.

The café was visited by Tatsugami Kozakura and Sonoda Takashi in YE 43 not long after it opened.


Ypperlig Café and Izakaya has an unremarkable storefront with no external indications of being a café other than a sign that is placed outside during business hours.

The sign that sits outside of the café while it is open.  It reads: [[items:drinks:coffee]] & Alcohol in Trade and Yamataigo

There is a small piece of paper taped to the inside of the window by the door that reads “営業時間はいつでもです。Business Hours: From whenever we open to whenever we close.”

Immediately upon entering, a visitor will see a circular wooden bar where baristas perform somehow synchronized chaos to pull espresso shots, perform pour-overs, and so on to fill orders. The circular design of the bar makes it practically impossible to form lines, so patrons walk right up to the bar and wave money for service.

The sitting area is huge but has been filled with a maze of semi-private booths. This labyrinthine design is entirely on purpose, and even though the bar area can be crowded and cacophonous during peak hours, the twists and turns of the booths absorb most of the noise allowing patrons to have quiet conversations while they drink their tasty beverages.

  • Hot Coffee
    • Bean options (no price difference)
      • House roast
        • Tasting notes: mango, tamarind
      • Imported Jiyuu roast
        • Tasting notes: cherry, fig, pecan
    • Preparation options
      • Espresso 1 KS
      • Pour-over 2 KS
      • Milk drink (latte, cappuccino, etc.) 5 KS
  • Cold Coffee
    • Cold Brew by the can 3 KS
  • Sake
      • Junmai Yamataishu (available year-round)
        • Cup: 20 KS
        • Bottle (500 milliliter): 60 KS
      • Kizake (available from 9 月 to 3 月)
        • Cup: 25 KS
        • Bottle (500 milliliter): 70 KS
      • Umeshu (available in 4 月)
        • Cup: 25 KS
        • Bottle (500 milliliter): 70 KS
      • Ginjo junmai (available from 5 月 to 6 月)
        • Cup: 25 KS
        • Bottle (500 milliliter): 70 KS
      • Akiagari (available from 7 月 to 8 月)
        • Cup: 25 KS
        • Bottle (500 milliliter): 70 KS
      • Hiyaoroshi (available from 7 月 to 8 月)
        • Cup: 25 KS
        • Bottle (500 milliliter): 70 KS
  • Food
    • Karaage: fried chicken cartilage 1 KS
    • Gyoza: dumplings 1 KS


Ypperlig Café and Izakaya is located in Kyoto and is accessible through its excellent transportation network.


The crowd at Ypperlig Café and Izakaya is an eclectic mix. Fashionable young people enjoy trendy Coffees. Older Yamataians enjoy the peace and quiet compared to most such places. Finally, shady characters also enjoy the booths where they can have conversations that won't easily be overheard by others.


All of the characters currently here:

RP Opportunities

This is an excellent place to go on a quiet date, make a shady deal, or just hang by the bar and meet people.

Local Rumors

  • There are secret tunnels running throughout the city used by government and military forces. One such tunnel connects to the basement of the Ypperlig Café and Izakaya.
  • The Empress sometimes uses remote-controlled neko bodies to tour the city in disguise and she's looking for someone to date.

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